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Build the world and do it in one day plz ......

Even God had seven days to construct the world ( the myth says so ) . there are several problems regarding developers. I had the most common problem regarding developers yesterday . A guy had to go to a client for training and when he finished the training he email-ed me this

Most important issue:) The system they are currently working with has a drop down selection box for the category area of each incident (and I thought it was a good idea). Is it possible to have such a system rather than clicking on each category to enter the relevant news? Therefore all incidents whether sports, politics etc will be submitted under one node on the CMS tree and classified according to the selection of the drop down box. BR Philip. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can we have these by tommorow (large grin on my face)......PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE....... Do you think that is too soon?

Tomorrow? by tomorrow ? ehm and here is my reply of course................

2) sorry but the Cms was developed in order to work with drop down items . The platform work like that and the back end developers who designed and implement the system had their own reasons to do that( the system is used for other platforms rather that VF live , web and etc ) . so you are asking to re-design and re-develop the system from the scratch and do that in one day ........ehm actually sorry but this is not applicable ......
Br Anastasis

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