Never trust modern technology. Trust it only when it is old technology.

Photos from Ioanna Hatzidiakou.

You all know that i am fun of images and sounds. I have been characterized in my personal life as an multimedia guy . I really love sounds and images (sometimes animated ) . I met a girl @ Rhodes ( Hello Joan !!!!!) who is a proffesional photographer.As i told her i really dont like spot related images but i actually love her work.Hamam is a group oof pictures that i really love. Please check them here. She promised me that she will send me some work in order to publish it here .You will be also to check some other pictures in

Haunted Memories Changing Portraits

This link is really cool. We are talking about real ppl that have been photographed the past years that have been transformed into spooky characters.

Haunted Memories Changing Portraits - "These morphing images are designed to transform when you change your position. When your unsuspecting guests walk past them they will see these seemingly normal "relatives" change into hideously frightening creatures or macabre apparitions!" - click each image for the scary hidden portrait!

Electrelane plus Matisse @ Gagarin 205

I have read this morning an article about this nice post band from Brighton. An X-gf of mine gave me to listen their cd, i think ,two years ago. When i listen to their sound for first time i was not excited enough to even download their album from Net.I actually understand their post sounds few months later when i was at the military training and a guy gave me their new album At that time .I listened to their new sound improvement and i was really excited. I will try to be there in order to listen this nice 4 chicks playing with their quitars.
Matisse will be the support band of their performance. I think it will be a nice experience. The only negative point is the ticket priced @ 22 euros .

Rhodes Adventure

Have a nice week . I really dont feel like to write today but i will try to post some new pics from my trip to Rhodes. Actually , it was a really nice weekend . I have seen my parents and Brother ans lots of friends. These pictures are from Fridays fever @ "Ρωγμή του Χρόνου" the bar.Actually to tell you the truth things have changed to Rhodes. New things came up into my ears and my eyes.
Saturday was one of my best nights @ Rhodes in the labeled bar "Θέατρο".Funky sounds with lots of friends dancing and drinking at the upper stage of the bar. I had some interesting chatting. A coctail was always included and finally they have change the style into music. It was the first saturday that i enjoyed going out. I will try to post some new pictures regarding the Barbeque party that Kex made @ his place sunday noon.

Nude Art

I was taking a closer look @ Net regarding nude art this morning .This url was one of my favourites regarding new technologies and multimedia presentation of nudity.There are several projects involved my favourite was the Adam's spy cam and Reynald Drouhin Mise à nu.
For Artistic geeks this is the best url came up into my mailbox this month. Enjoy it

Welcome to the Real World

Have a nice day 2 all of you. Today ,so i am travelling to my home back to Rhodes at night.I really dont like winters @Rhodes but ok i would like to c my parents , My trendy hot brother and my friends of course. I remember my self last winter when i was a soldier @ Rhodes it was one of the worst ever. OK Rhodes its nice but i have to admit it : YOU dont have things that you like to do.I remember me just watching TV and going out for a drink or a coffee break. Come on , idont want to live like that.There are people @ Rhodes who think like me but they actually dont do something.I have the cinetic attitude not to be idle and passive waiting for the next thing to happen . Anyway , My flight is at 21:00 . brooOoooOOoM!

Change Attitude...

I was wondering yesterday about Greek Attitude.I was talking with a Friend's friend and he was talking about PC's and how super Technology related HE was.He was talking all the time about technology and how good HE was to use Computers that a HE was able to do anything with them and all that shit that an usual lamer says.He thought because HE knew how to rip a DVD into his F PC he was the grandmaster of anything.He stopped of course when i said to him that i was working 4 VF.He was suprised when i told him that i work there .You must be kidding he said . NO iam not (U F l8ser). His small mind could not understand that a small Geeky guy like me maybe knows few things more from him and work for a big mobile company.This attitude is spotted to more people i get in touch.Come on guys change attitude or maybe clothes :P

Travelling to Rhodes.

Hello!Things change.... AS u all know i planned to travel to Kriti for the Weekend but my father told me that has free(almost) flight ticket to Rhodes.I also got a day off for Thursday so, I am Travelling to Rhodes this Wed... be prepared. I will try to have my dig camera in order to post some pictures from Rhodes. Just to say a big sorry to Kostis , Stk , Zo-oula , kai my Rinio but you know parents and how they act sometimes.Anyway, I will try to rest @ Rhodes and C some friends.I will try to get drunk ....... I will keep my blog updated from Rhodes.

Sunday Sessions

Sunday to tell you the truth is my favourite day of the weekend. I really love to go out Sundays to read my newspaper and also to play sudoku.
This picture was taken from Psirri this sunday . It is a really big one Graffity @ a building close to Athinas street. This think is huge and it is a real graffity . I have not checked their site but i suppose it is coool.
We have been with kostis to drink a coffee @ center to a very nice coffe shop. It was very quite spot and there was a live performance from a girl playing violin and a guy playing guitar .
We have not met this weekend with George or Mitsos. George has been to Turkey for a workshop and with Mitsos we could not manage to meet.

Fashion Week @ Zappeio!

Hello!!! Have a nice Week!!!

This weekend was really enjoyable. I have never been to a fashion show before in my entire life . So , i decided that the time has come. Welll, nice chicks ,free drinks ..... so wy not. I have been to zappeio for the Fashion Week here @ Athens . Well , i have seen a lot of celebrities and the clue of the night was Viki Kagia the famous (brainless) model.
The story is like that. I was sitting outside the stage where the fashion show took place trying to smoke anything i had in my bag . Then i saw her (Vicky Kagia ) and as any male around her i was F watching her. The funny thing about the whole story is that she came close to me saying really loud "LEONIDA ? how are you ? " . Ehm i said to her " Sorry , iam not Leonidas " But iwas thinking i could pretent Leonidas for one night . She said "Oh iam sorry you look so close to him " . Anyway , Actually to tell you the truth she is really beautiful but the her brain cells are less than my beloved C-fish.

Bugz are Bugging me :)

Well ok we had a lot of bugz related VF so i had so much work to do. Anyway i hope everyone is ok . I will try to publish some new pictures for weekend feedback this Monday.
Monday i will have to be here at VF because we have to do some integration of some new servers. We have to do this at night where the badwidth of the systems is in low level. We have to be here @ 00:00 midnight hour in order to start it .
they had some problems regarding sms;s that went to users ( about 3000 ) with content timestamped two years ago. ehm the latest sms was send from the system related to KIRASTAS -the coach- death before two years sent as fresh content with sms to 3000 users :). hihihihi sh*t happens :)
so i hope everyone have a nice weekend ( i will try to do so ) .


PS : Use Shout 2 A Geek to express your self .

Shout it !!!!

From now on you will be able to shout about anything here @ Think A Geek .I have added @ the sidebar a new action where you will be able to post whatever you want in real time.
So if your bf/gf is a stupid guy or girl feel happy to shout it here. My script will be happy to post whatever you want to say about. This section is located under section "Archive A Geek".


TV Makes Me Feel Sick

Yesterday I was trying to find a TV program to watch. I hate the news on TV. We are talking about the worst way to get passive content to your house. These guys on the news are make me feel sick(named As journalists ) .The worst Thing about TV is all about choices .OK you have the choice to c the channels that you want BUT the weak point is that there is no Interactivity. Let me explain to you what i mean.

I want to c the news regarding a specific object. I dont have this ability on TV . I think that TV will be replaced the very next years through other technological devices. I dont like to be passive i wanna to be involved and I would like to have the choice to choose the news -content that i want to read-hear.I would also like to have the ability to give my personal opinion about the specific content. Internet could do that but here in Greece we like to be passive.We are talking about 64% of percent here dont use Net but we are talking about percent 90% have more than two Tvs at Home.Tv content providers also server as Internet the "Tool Of devil" .Come on , they have seen that their kingdom collapses from other technological content providers so they promote it like this .I feel sick when i heard news on TV regarding Internet.
Anyway , kill your TVs .

New Look

I have changed the design of the header banner . It is simple and now i think its more G33ky.The guy from the picture is really the coolest guy ever. Its my favourite character regarding advs . I think he is the real G33k> please give me your feedback about the new banner .I will try to publish some T-shirts 2 :)

Stylish Geek

I Was Wondering.....

We are moving almost to the end of Oct. Things here are actually quite boring. When we finished the project the support took the monitoring and we are just there to develop some new objects that the client wants ( CYTA ).
Anyway, the latest days i feel like i dont wanna work. I was thinking that i dont want to get over the age of 35 and still writing code.
I want to develop an artefact real , live ,minimal and functional. Yesterday , some friends here from VF gathered at the smoking area and discussed about new ideas projects in our minds and etc. I am sure that you all know that i love graphics and music .I would like to develop a more interactive multimedia application where it could be used as a "bridge" between users and a system platform. This is the main idea ..... Anyway its just an idea .... we will c :)

My baby is a-live

Marketing is the worst nightmare for every developer here @ VF. They really dont know that all their ideas are not functional into the systems here and they actually have an attitude problem. Well , finally our baby has launched into the people ; new web site , TV Campaign , Press and all that Marketing crap(@Cyprus). I am really happy that this project has moved and is finally A-live. My previous project regarding VF ( site ) is still freezed. Sorry about the posts regarding this project but i am really excited :) Please check their site down @ Cyprus .

10Mbps traffic over your body

How do you feel if bytes where passed through your body. Well this technology is used in Japan and it is really fast .
RedTacton is a new Human Area Networking technology that uses the surface of the human body as a safe, high speed network transmission path. Communication is possible using any body surfaces, such as the hands, fingers, arms, feet, face, legs or torso.
RedTacton works through shoes and clothing as well. ITS really fast and you "Can feel it over your Body".Check their site here.

Less Is more

Last night i fixed my surround for once again. I really dont know what the problem is . I changed my sound card PCI and all fixed . The F windows sux . When i install the new phone live to my home , I will replace them ( a new version of Linux Debian will be helpful ) .

Anyway the good point regarding sound is that finally worked and i had an exploration into my sound years through my mp3z. I have looked filez that i have not touch for years. I decide to write my fav mp3z into audio transfer them in audio cds and try to make my collections. The point of the day was my first mp3z cd with full albums regarding my student life back to UK.

Design Takes on risk

I really love to read articles @ Wired . Wired was and will be one of my best content provider regarding technology and new artefacts regarding tech. This url came up into my monitor today regarding a design exhibition at New York's Museum of Modern Art.IT is a really cool site "devoted to objects designed to protect body and mind from dangerous or stressful circumstances;respond to situations of emergency.....". Please check the web site its really cool and it was developed with new Macromedia studio 8.The rendering is really really reallllllly Cool.

Weekend FeedBack

Actually it was a boring weekend. Tony came this weekend from Tripoli and he was staying @ Pireas .

Well , Tony had the idea to go to club close to Voula named as Galea . Well it was one of the most boring nights ever . The good point regarding the Friday night was Alcohol( Free free free ) . Saturday i lost all day to find a solution on a codec problem @ my pi-ci .I went to the cinema to C the movie that i told you @ Village

Sunday i had to fix the problems regarding Matina's PC.I really feel bored to format-transfer - install and so much DOs regarding PC . I am not a technician and i dont suppose to know every driver and every device that anyone has to his pc . Anyway , Maten is a really good friend of mine and I could not say NO. My F sunday noon was lost to fix all the problems regarding her's pc. AS you know Sunday siesta and drinking my coffee and playing Sudoku @ plaka is one of my favourite events ,Ever. Anyway SH*T happens .

Charlie and The Chocolate factory

Hello ! Goodmorning and have a nice week .

I have been to the cinema this weekend to C Tim Burton's New Movie project . This movie was one of the best movies i have seen the last 6 months . This guy is a psycho and the movies that he mades are cool.

Oompa-Loompas were my favourite characters . These guys are great.I also loved the music and the dancing acts . I will try to download the O.S.T as soon as possible . I will suggest all you go and check the movie . I really like Burton's movies . The places regarding the factory were constructed in real envoironments.Computer graphics were used only for very specifci reasons. Many of my friends say that i act like a child sometimes . Yes boys , I act like a child , I think like a child and YES I program like a child . Fantasy needed :)

Download Fonts 4 Fr33 !

This site came into my mailbox this morning . You will be able to download and use millions of free fonts. Those who are interested in Graphical design and this kind of stuff this site will be quite helpful to them. The good point regarding that site(despite the free use of fonts ) is that you are able to write whatever you want and test it on the fly to c if the fonts are appropriate for your project. So Push the button here .

Finally I have sound @ home.

Yesterday i finally formatted my PI-CI . The problem with sound related with the drivers. So , now I have 5.1 surround system playing with my terminal. I actually had to change the PCI port in order to make the F Windows to relocate My soundblaster card .
I have mp3z that i would like to organise them and make some collections for specific moments. As few of you know i have lost some files two months ago and some files related with music :( i Have lost about 60 full albums . well now that i have my new 160 Gb Hard-disk i will try to be more carefull .

We are moving floors

This weekend we are moving to the ground Floor all the developers regarding Mobile VAS.We are moving to the ground floor and we will not be able to c the trees from there :(
My desk is in a good location but i will have to print my kate moss poster again . anyway , i will post you the news from my new desk @ Underground .

Eat This !!!!!!

Goodmorning my good fellas .
I know that you all think that i dont cook and i order junk food to be consumed in front of my monitor . Well , you are wrong . Ehm ok i cook but not as much and as good as Dikaia did. But some cooking is always welcome. Not every day...
My favourite plate is this one . i really love to cook but i dont like to cook 4 me.My mother does not check my website on net so she will not screaming to me from the phone about this chicken virus .The worst thing regarding cooking is the afterwards part where the kitchen is almost like a chernobyl picture that i published below .

Sickness is coming close 2 me (Sick Geek )

I really feel ill these days and NO , i am not eating as my mother said on the phone any chicken .

Actually to tell you the truth that started from last Monday when the weather was turned more into winter nightmare. i really dont know which clothes are appropriate to go for work.When i wear T-shirts i feel cold when i wear anything warmer i feel the heat coming into my body .
Anyway , Sorry that i could not update my blog frequently but from next week i have some new goodies for you . I trace a new web site regarding AscII Code. You will be able to tranform any pictures that you like into AsCII code. If you remember any Tshirt of mine then you will understand what ASCII is .

Sick GeeK

"GoodMorning Please Dont Run"

Goodmorning . This picture is the last month set as my wallpaper in to my terminal here @ Vodafone. This picture was taken over Lipsous this summer and it was located in the middle of nowhere.It reminds me that i should try to relax when i open my mailbox in the morning. The message is "GoodMorning!! Please Dont Run"

Today there is a party located at the Univesity of Arts Here @ Athens . I will try to be there in order to watch some video artistic proposals .I hope everyone is doing fine .

Feet Overdose

I really like to take pictures of human body parts . I remember my self taking pictures of Dikaias feet @ my spot and trying to persuade her to photo her fingers . She was screaming at my house " you Are nuts Why dont you get instead real pictures ". I really dont know but i really love to photo anything related human body. I prefer to take pictures of friends and family regarding their body references rather their current state .
This picture was shooted last summer when i travelled to Lipsous .

Kate- Cocaina -Moss

I really like Kate moss . She has the best ever human girly face .She is Hot and She is on drugs 2 . I watched the video where she snorts cocaine . You will be able to c the video here.I have also download the video so if you have 7mb of free space at your mailbox say so, to send you the feedback .
I have been close to that woman after the videoclip that has made for the White stripes . We have been chatting with other guys on net and very few of them say that this girl is not hot. Anyway shit happens . Enjoy the videos

Summer Lovers

I really dont know if summer is my favourite season or not . I actually prefer winter but ok every season of the year has its own positive variables .

This picture as Fro-so send me is from Πετροχώρι, Μεσσηνίας. I actually enjoyed her pictures and this specific is one of my favourites . Dorothy @ Barcelona sent me an email promising that i will receive her pictures from Barca Soon . I will try to be there next Xmas as i promised to her .


For the sudoku funs i have something interesting that came up into my mailbox this morning. First of all , we have to define What algorithm is .

An algorithm is a sequence of steps to be followed to accomplish a certain task. Often used in computer programming, they can become interesting puzzles because even though there can be many ways to accomplish something, one may be better than another.

Ok here is the quiz of the day . Dont feel sad when you are not able to think a solution. Its tricky and i have not solve it yet. But please feel happy to find the solution .

At a party with N people, each person is identified by a unique number between 1 and N. Each person is also wearing a hat with their number on it. They decide to play a game. Each person passes his or her hat to the person with the next highest number (so person 2 gets hat 1, person 3 gets hat 2, and person 1 gets hat N). The game proceeds from there in rounds; on each round, each person may choose to either keep the hat they currently have, or swap hats with exactly one other person.

What is the minimum number of rounds, as a function of N, that it would take for every person to get their own hat back? Note: each person can see their own hat at any time.

Acropolis from your Window


I hope you all know my beloved friend from Rhodes named as Stamos Maragos . We have been friends since the Rhodes memorial days . Stamos is living at the center of Athens @ a very small spot.

His place is an visual orgasm to my eyes . As you could see he is able to open his window and take a closer look to Acropolis. I dont think that i could live in a place like this because its location is on the 7th floor . I remember my self going to take a visit and as you all know i dont use elevators.I had to climb the stairs for about 10 minutes drive . well ok it worth to do so , but once a week .....

I had an accident in my past student years at the university with an elevator so i deside that iwont use them anymore. From then i have not been in that situation and i always use the stairs.

Anyway the view from his apartment is the best for my sunday -sudoku-sessions.

Enjoy the view

This Monday Sux as Every F Monday coming

This weekend i had some fun except saturday where i stayed @ my spot formatting my Pi-Ci and trying to find the F drivers .

Friday ok it was fillipakis night as i already told you. Well sunday was an interesting day . Sundays morning i went to drink my "G(r)eek coffee " @ Plaka . well i always love to do that and another happiness came into my life with SUDOKU. Eleutherotipia is printing new versions of sudoku every sunday with "E". The hardcore level is reallyyyy really cool. i had been there 3 hours and i could not solve it.

Rinio my beloved teacher came @athens last weekend . I Was realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyy happy to c her . She is my favourite teacher . We went with Kostis @ his spot where his parents where there . Mr Leuteris and Mrs Vagelio . well i wish i could see her more but i had to go to the concert . Well ok , i am travelling anyway to kriti @ 28 of october to c My Rinio, Stk and Zoi . I think we are travelling together with Kostis . Anyway the picture is from last night concert after the gig . You could see George and Aris ( smiling ) . ok i know you are tired with my obsession into the group and i promise you not to bother you around .

We went live into cyprus . and since this morning the users of Voda @ Cyprus could buy the VF live mobiles and try to use the interface . Everything is cool My baby project is a-live . I wish you could c my smile from there . Anyway :)

Michael Filipakis @ my place .

I could not resist to publish this Graphical orgasm into your monitor .

Michael stayed @ my place friday night. He saw the nightlife here @ athens and he told me that he will be @ Athens after two weeks . Well , ok Friday night with Filipakis on the fly is always a nice experience. We have bee ninto several places and we finished the night after we drunk couple of beers into POP .

Enjoy :)

Matisse Live @ An club 9 Oct

Hell-O ! I hope everyone is ok . Well this weekend finished with the concert of Matisse playing live at the An club . Actually i have not heard any track of them except ( Godspell ) . I have been talking with memebers of the band who were not suprised for the crowd that came over @ sunday night.
The live was ok . George and I were taking pictures and videos of the band . The weird thing that George and I noticed ; was that few of the girls inside the club where dancing and singing to the lyrics that Aris Wrote . Actually to tell you the truth it was about 5-6 girls .The sounds that came into my ear were enjoyable i could say. I enjoy heard them playing live . Their performance on the stage was "hearable" for a Greek Band .

The track that i loved the most was "She smiles " it reminds me a some things from the past.

The pics where taken from their live performance. I also saw some good friends being there . My beloved Sofia ( who will be part of my mailing list since this morning ) who i have not seen her for a long time . Hello Sofy .

Anyway, May the force be with them .

Tony the soldier

I could not resist to publish this picture . This is antoNis . He is at the military camp of Sparti. He came last week into my house and i took some pictures of him with my beloved C-fish in order to feel like his home . We were friends since high school . My best wishes for him .

Anyway , tony the "Newbie Fish " will also be @ my house next week from wed to sunday .

PS its 3:00 two hours before my launching to weekend

Rasterbator @ my place

Do you remember the site that i promoted here named as rastebator ? I tried to download and print one of my favourites pics where a Geek is promoting milk.

This picture is one of my favourites and it wil lbe placed at my room . We are talking for size 5x5 A4 sheets placed on the wall .

I will try to post some pictures when i put it on my wall .

In case that you do not remember the site plz check it here .

C-Fish is a Diva

This picture is one of my favourites . I know i have an addiction into Fiches and i really enjoy to watch them doing things and etc. This fish is mine and it rox.

Well this picture was taken after the concert of Thievery . You are able to c the ticket of T . C on the background.

C-fish hasn;t got any problem to be photographed.

It has color , it has style , It does not talk and it sleeps on movement .

Afrirambo Live @Bios -updated

This is Friday !!! Monday the Vlive is going to be a-live to the public . If you are living @ Cyprus u will be able to experience it .

Anyway these are the pictures that i promised to you about Afrirambo. I also have some multimedia videoz that i will try to upload at the server.

You are able c their red -almost -dresses . Its dawn hot to see a girl playing with a guitar.As i said to Kex Once " I Like a Japanese Chick , Short and Spiritual" .

Anyway , enjoy the girls .

Developer Brain-storm

I always had problems co-operate with people located from Cyprus . This problem came up from the university. I remember my self work on projects regarding Uni with that kind of people and always i was stressed out.

This phenomenon continued even in my real development life . Well , when they told me here @ vodafone that you will have to co-operate with the Cyprus group , i had my thoughts on that .

The problem is that they actually have an attitude problem . They always think that they are gifted from the other and especially Greeks . Ok , when you think that you are gifted and blessed from the God of Developers , try to do so not just judge-ing and send emails Do that and do this . Anyway in order to feel my Frustration i am publishing a part of an email coming into my mailbox . This guy suppose to be the Dev who are working together as part of the team regarding the specific project .

MONDAY: WE SAID LAUNCH (not lunch)!!
CRITICAL ISSUES: 41,29,12 and

It is IMPERATIVE to solve (the first two at least)

So, SOLVE THEM.......

lamers :P

Afrirambo Live @ Bios : From Osaka 2 Athens

Yesterday there was a music experience live @Bios . 2 Chicks labeled as Afrirambo with drums and Guitar as their main sound constructors were playing live @ Bios . I was there with Kostis .

2 tell u the truth i was quite bit negative to go and c them live, but at the end i was wrong. Before the 2 chicks came up to spot there was a support with two guys who they were shouting and playing with their consoles live. Their sound was the worst ever heard from my ears .

We moved into the bar in order to avoid their sound nightmare. Anyway , we feel the 2 girls coming at the stage hopefully @ 12 ( we were shouting Come on we have to go to work tomorrow) .

The afrirambo project started with the two girls came up to the spot with red dresses ,with out shoes and shouting something in Japanese. Well their sound WAS extremely hot. I was amazed to c a chick shoe-less playing with guitar. You know my addiction into Japanese Culture. MY multimedia debugger was there and you will be able to c pictures from the concert sometime next week .


Find Jesus

So how Religious Are you anyway? I have read a comic here @ at Greece regarding Jesus life and it was really cool. Actually this version was not permitted for a short time to be published @ local bookstores. Well, this is Greece .

Anyway , if you are a developer and you really want to find jesus just enhance your Perl bin with this script ( u know that i am addicted to XML) .

use XML::Parser;
my $p = new XML::Parser Style => 'stream';

sub Text { $J++ if (/Jesus/); }
sub StartTag { $V++ if (/
sub EndTag { } # default is to print, remember
sub EndDocument
{ print "$J of $V verses mention Jesus\n"; }

There are several opinions regarding Jesus and his Life . A new version came up into my mailbox this morning.

He never got married.
He never held a steady job.
His last request was a drink.

His first name was Jesus.
He was always in trouble with the law.
His mother didn't know who his father was.

He talked with his hands.
He had wine with every meal.
He worked in the building trades.

He called everybody brother.
He had no permanent address.
Nobody would hire him.

He never cut his hair.
He walked around barefoot.
He invented a new religion.

He went into his father's business.
He lived at home until the age of 33.
He was sure his mother was a virgin.
His mother was sure he was God.

Now there are several links in order to find real Jesus . Just google it and you will find him 4 sure.


Maria moved to london

Maria has moved to London Recently . I Checked her blog site today where i saw this picture. Its her new room @ London .Well, i would like to give her my best wishes and to advice her to "BUY A LAPTOP" . Mitsos told me that the first days there were quite tough but now she is cool .

Maria has a blog site and its really cool. I really like the name of the blog . Anyway, please check her blog site here .

Chernobyl real pictures

This forum came up into my mailbox today. This is a REAL ghost town . There are lots of pictures taken from Chernobyl few months ago. The picture and people are real . The pictures have good resolution thats why the forum is quite "heavy" . Feel sad to see the pictures.