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Acropolis from your Window


I hope you all know my beloved friend from Rhodes named as Stamos Maragos . We have been friends since the Rhodes memorial days . Stamos is living at the center of Athens @ a very small spot.

His place is an visual orgasm to my eyes . As you could see he is able to open his window and take a closer look to Acropolis. I dont think that i could live in a place like this because its location is on the 7th floor . I remember my self going to take a visit and as you all know i dont use elevators.I had to climb the stairs for about 10 minutes drive . well ok it worth to do so , but once a week .....

I had an accident in my past student years at the university with an elevator so i deside that iwont use them anymore. From then i have not been in that situation and i always use the stairs.

Anyway the view from his apartment is the best for my sunday -sudoku-sessions.

Enjoy the view

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