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This Monday Sux as Every F Monday coming

This weekend i had some fun except saturday where i stayed @ my spot formatting my Pi-Ci and trying to find the F drivers .

Friday ok it was fillipakis night as i already told you. Well sunday was an interesting day . Sundays morning i went to drink my "G(r)eek coffee " @ Plaka . well i always love to do that and another happiness came into my life with SUDOKU. Eleutherotipia is printing new versions of sudoku every sunday with "E". The hardcore level is reallyyyy really cool. i had been there 3 hours and i could not solve it.

Rinio my beloved teacher came @athens last weekend . I Was realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyy happy to c her . She is my favourite teacher . We went with Kostis @ his spot where his parents where there . Mr Leuteris and Mrs Vagelio . well i wish i could see her more but i had to go to the concert . Well ok , i am travelling anyway to kriti @ 28 of october to c My Rinio, Stk and Zoi . I think we are travelling together with Kostis . Anyway the picture is from last night concert after the gig . You could see George and Aris ( smiling ) . ok i know you are tired with my obsession into the group and i promise you not to bother you around .

We went live into cyprus . and since this morning the users of Voda @ Cyprus could buy the VF live mobiles and try to use the interface . Everything is cool My baby project is a-live . I wish you could c my smile from there . Anyway :)

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