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Matisse Live @ An club 9 Oct

Hell-O ! I hope everyone is ok . Well this weekend finished with the concert of Matisse playing live at the An club . Actually i have not heard any track of them except ( Godspell ) . I have been talking with memebers of the band who were not suprised for the crowd that came over @ sunday night.
The live was ok . George and I were taking pictures and videos of the band . The weird thing that George and I noticed ; was that few of the girls inside the club where dancing and singing to the lyrics that Aris Wrote . Actually to tell you the truth it was about 5-6 girls .The sounds that came into my ear were enjoyable i could say. I enjoy heard them playing live . Their performance on the stage was "hearable" for a Greek Band .

The track that i loved the most was "She smiles " it reminds me a some things from the past.

The pics where taken from their live performance. I also saw some good friends being there . My beloved Sofia ( who will be part of my mailing list since this morning ) who i have not seen her for a long time . Hello Sofy .

Anyway, May the force be with them .

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