Never trust modern technology. Trust it only when it is old technology.

Moving into weekend

This is friday . I have things to do this weekend so...plz engage...

Well we have the fest of Νεολαίας Συνασπισμού starting from today . Its only 5 euros and the line up includes Mogwai . I really remember this band at my early years studying @ Sheffield. A friend fo mine came into my house and told me "m8 u should hear their sound " .This scottish band and their post sounds are great . So , ( as i said to Fro-so Kill summer ,move into the dark side )

Well i hope to c you all there .

Yesterday Antonis ( a friend of mine ) came into athens and he will stay for a while @ my place. We have have been friends since our childhood . it is really enjoyable to talk about military brain crisis with Tony. I was happy to c him .

This saturday also i have to go a marriage . Christos is getting married with Diamanto. i will try to get my digital cam in order to publish some pictures of them . I will try to be formally dressed for the occasion ( my asics included :P ) .

Next week @ 5 of Oct we are going live @ cyprus .I hope everything is going to be ok . The last days was a nightmare for me as new bugs came up into my mailbox . I really dont like ppl that dont know how to use an interface trying to send emails just to say hey iam involved 2 @ the project . Lamers . Anyway ......

cya around

Ps say hello to my grandmum @ pic . She is my 78 years old diva ...

Colours of Noise

Here is a link describing how colours could be characterized into noise . There are several colours Starting with white, obviously, then pink and brown then continuing to azure, violet, grey, red, orange, and the semi-mythical black noise. There are even sound clips of the more mainstream colours.

Well i really enjoyed reading that article .

Reality Manga

What the world would look like if Japanese cartoons were realistic...

I don't know about you, but I'm oddly attracted to anime shakira. Check out the rest of them here!

The Rasterbator Web site

This is the best site that came into my mailbox this week . The Rasterbator creates huge ,rasterized multi-page images from any picture . The rasterized images can be printed and assembled into extremely cool posters.

The thing about this progie is that is Cool and IS FREE . you are able to build your own project through the web or you could download the standalone version to play at your Pi-Ci

the web site also had a gallery of people and the projects involved Rasterbator. Thats why i love open source . Feel free to get It .

Dimitris And Leftys Blog site -Watch your feet

Dimitris and Lefty are gifted . I have already told you about their web site. Their blog is up and running . They have the skillz and they are blessed from geeks about the revelutionary content regarding art and other issues .

From next week you will be able to navigate to their content area from here ( links secion ) .

Their new blog is hosted here @ . So enjoy their content . I think i will try to develo p something 4 them ( i really simpathize design - designers not included ) after 5 oct when my baby-project is going finally alive .

Check their blog site


Ulysse 31 !!!!!!!!!!

OK guys today i am excited . Do you remember this animated science fiction Cartoon series ? I finally found the name of the series yesterday . I remember my self @ my early years watching this tv programme on TV. I think that this project "pushed" me more into technology and to Game boy -Amiga -Super Nintendo environment . Me and my brother watched it everyday and i still being astonished remembered the last TV Session .

The name of the series is Ulysses 31. The directors-animaters were Bernard Deyriès Kyosuke Mikuriya.

Jean Chalopin wrote and produced the series, and came up with the original idea together with Nina Wolmark. The music was composed and arranged by Denny Crokett and Ike Egan at Osmond Studio. Most of the animation work was done by Japanese animaters, but not in the traditional Japanese manga style. 'Ulysses 31' had a unique look that in my view has never been outdone or equaled by any later animated sci-fi show.

The story starts when
Ulysses is about to leave a spacestation orbiting the planet Troy. He has to return to earth before the next comet passes. If he is not back by then, his wife Penelope will have to remarry. The trip home turns out to be far from routine though. Early on his son Telemachus is kidnapped by worshippers of the mighty Cyclops, a creature made by the ancient god of Poseidon.

Ulysses and Telemachus' pet robot Nono frees him and two other prisoners called Yumi and Numinor. In the process they kill the Cyclops and angers the gods. Poseidon calls upon Zeus to punish them. He transfers them to the far reaches of space, deletes their databanks and tells them that their only hope of ever seeing earth again is to find the kingdom of Hades. And here their quest begins.

Themis the Girl-y at the quest was "labeled" from my brain as my favourite icon at my childhood. I will try to download the series from the web next week .

Here are some links in order to make you "feel the geek" :

The Ulysses 31 Internet Resource Center
This is a site with a amazing section called 'The Featured Episode'. Here each episode of the series is presented one by one with pictures from every scene. Incredible!

Justin's Ulysses 31 Page
This site is unique in offering 'Ulysses 31' skins for Sims.

DIC Entertainment
The company that made 'Ulysses 31' and many other great animated shows have finally bought themselves back from Disney and are soon up and running.

The Ulysses 31 Mailinglist
This mailinglist goes back and forth between virtual silence and insane activity. If you are a fan of the series you just have to subscribe.

Talking about idols

We had a discussion about idols with my beloved friend Nat at Msn . Well she was astonished when i told her that my idol is Bruce Lee. This guy rox .

I will try to get a poster from afisorama to put it into my room. My favorite movie is "Way of The Dragon " where Chuck Norris was one of the characters involved.The final battle in the famous Coliseum was characterized as the best ever in a movie .

The story of the movie is :
In Rome, Italy, Miao's Chinese restaurant has some troubles, then Tong Lone (Bruce) goes there and help her. Bruce is a good fighter and that's why all the gangs got beat up by him. The last scene is in the famous Coliseum, Bruce VS Chuck.

There are several kind of characters that are named as idols . From "Αλίκη Βουγιουκλάκη" to "Ταμπάκης"( Plz check the site -phones are needed) and "James Dean" to "Pamela Anderson "

Well you could choose the character that you want and just send me an email telling me " hey tassos my idol is "Κωνσταντίνος Μητσοτακης " . I will try to publish your idols and give some feedback about them .

Dont be afraid to tell me your today idol i will try to be positive. Any kind of human could be characterized as idol so feel geek-y to tell so .

i am waiting your feedback.

Lets Get Connected

The picture reflects the tuesday mood that i have . This picture was taken from the movie "Cut" that was published this sunday at "Νύχτες Πρεμιέρας " festival . The director Chan-wook Park as other Geeks been there told that is psycho . They told me that the rendering and the 3D dimensions used in order to construct the whole project was excellent . The movie was actually a crap but who cares. Those technological dependencies are always welcome to technology related Geeks . I dont think that we could c the movie on the cinemas but i will try to download it from the web ......

Now, i have decided that i could not avoid to have net into my house . ADSL sounds good .I dont know if it is a good idea to connect through my house . The only problem is that i wont go out very frequently . Actually its not a problem 4 me but it will be for the ppl involved to me . So Lets Get connected .......

elgooG derrorim ( Google mirrored )

This url came up into my mailbox last week its really cool . Its google but you have to have an actuall mirror in order to read the contnet. Its really cool and its working. Dev's can really do some great things if they have the time they want .Please check the url here .


..... yojne

Say Hi To The hand

This weekend was a relaxed weekend . Always friday nights are positive. I will try to keep the site update and this week . I think that my blog's content will be update very frequently after 5 october when this !#$%^&*^^%&^ project that i am involved here at Voda will be finally up and running.

I suppose that you all have seen on TV the basket game . well i know that you knwo that i am not the sport guy that will keep up to sports . But it was greece So.... i haD to keep a glance at the score .

My Pi-Ci is still under construction . I feel bored to search for new drivers and that kind of staff but i will finally have to do it ( sometime ) . I met yesteday Li-Li the super girl . She is really cool and study here at the Polytechnic school . She is an electrical engineer but i dont think that she will follow programming. I wish she moved to multimedia so we could share ideas on our free time .Well say hello to her a new person at my mailing list . Welcome Miss Li-Li .

i decided that @ 28 oct to go to kriti to c zoi and stayros and Rinio. well ok guys this is a fact i am coming back to kriti be prepared.

and finally Fro-so the wonder girl had her name day yesterday . My best wishes 4 her . Xronia polla Fro-So my best wishes .

I still dont have any news from Barcelona and dora . i hope she is ok ......

So cu soon . iam waiting your emails and pictures to be published . From now on u will be able to comment anything here at the blog . feel free to do so ..


Monday is the day

We are moving . i already told you that i was thinking of moving the site to a new branded url . The new url will be

the old url would be used for you that you love and redirect you to the new blog site . I will try to send you the link with email . I think that the new url is much easier to remember and is more stylish . Anyway i am waiting your feedback .

This is Friday

Hello my beloved blippers. Well this is Friday long time since last monday . I have so much things todo this weekend . I actually do not know if i could do all of them in one single weekend . The problem is that ishould find people to follow me ( Kostis be prepared+George ) .

Dikaia is leaving this tuesday so we have to engage this weekend. Yesterday it was a night after two months in which i was completely alone at my house . Well it was a weird feelling . I tried to format my Pi-Ci but actually it was a boring method so i preferred to watch a movie on TV and play with my Digital cam .

The winter is almost here. Yesterday i have been to elaia cafe ( a place next to my house ) . a small spot where George kakkoulidis was there. I tried to talk with him . This guy is a writer and is writing to several newspapers and has publish several poems . I actuallly think that he is nuts but ok i still have not read what he has read. Dikaia told me that he has write some poems that are good but some of them .... we'll c

this friday there is party going on . Actually there are two the first one is a friend of mine here @ VF and the second i have not got the details yet. I would also like to go to Corto maltese this friday . I will try to contact George so we could go there and check the place .

i am thinking of moving the url next week . i will try to inform u with email . my mailing list is up again and i could send to you the new url .



Friends included

This is a picture i would like to share with you. These are my friends and finally we met all together this summer @ rhodes . From left Antonis the mytman , Panos the mathimatician , ME ( just think a Geek ) , Michael the pornostar and George the owner .

We were pictured outside Astra bouzoukia pista club . There are other included at that company as Damian the PAOK fun , George the lawyer , Maragos the peacemaker , Pappas the fortuneteller , Rafaelo the italian , Stk the engaged . I dont think that i forgot anyone . i really missed rhodes but ....only summers .
i will try to publish some pictures from my years back to england . but i would have to scan some pictures . Christos , Gambits , KEX and tolis will feel happy when i do that .

blip blip blip !

Maria 's Pavli posters

Say a hello to my virtual friend located @ cyprus .We met before 6 years in a virtual room aka chat room named as bahalo . Since then we have been chatting on Msn and met together @ rhodes when maria came for holidays .

Actually to tell you the truth Maria is hot and a lot of friends of mine want to get involved with her. ...And she is talented . From the picture u are able to see her work . Maria is of course a graphical designer mainly but she is also my Spiritual guide through my web journey .

ok her email is

if you have something regarding graphs and these kind of staff let her know . I am trying to persuade her to give me some pictures of her to publish them here in order to upgrade my badwidth :P

kisses mary

James Blunt Lyrics from "You're Beautiful"

This is a nice song please read the lyrics . The image is for the Occasion. Since i dont have a date the latest two months i think that this pic that i took over lipsous will represent my future love life . They are actually females and they dont wear a swimming suite :P

My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me on the subway.
She was with another man.
But I won't lose no sleep on that,
'Cause I've got a plan.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

Yeah, she caught my eye,
As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was,
Fucking high,
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.
You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.

Dikaia's Departure

Dikaia is a friend of my mine since the years i have been living at Rhodes . She stays at my house the last 2 months which was an interesting situation ( at the end ) . You all know that i really dont like to live with other people and i prefer being alone at my space. I really need my space in order to fell free even in my personal life. Dikaia is a friend of mine and i dont want her to live in another place in order to take classes for the Art university here @ athens . The results of the exams that she has given last week will be publishe d the next Oct . I hope she gets the results that she wants in order to pass here @ the university.
She is living next Monday going back to Rhodes . she really did not wanted to go back but since she has not got her money to live in the cell named as Athens then she has to go back .

Well that is life .

Wednesday evil

Its Wednesday the tiny saturday of the week is here . I have feedback from you for the blog site . Eirini sent me an email telling me that its quite cool. I really want to thank her for her good comments in my mailbox. She had an idea to comment out some music albums and give some feedback about them . I think its a good idea . The problem is that i dont have any good feedback regarding music at this time. Iam waiting yor comments and feedback about albums that you like and you enjoy listening. Eirini told me that she enjoys listening the band named as "ARCHIVE" . As i know they have been to Athens last year and their performance here at Gagarin was quite nice . i will try to give you some news regarding the band soon. I know that they have Unplugged their album "noise" and IT really rox . Try this album 2 Eirini .

Well, i think i am moving to another direction into music. You all know that i like to hear new sounds and i dont have problem to listen anything . Last weekend Kostis gave me a nice album of Greek singer -writer and performer "Θανάσης Παπακωνσταντίνου". The album was named as "Αγρύπνια" ( English-ed something like insomnia ) . This is cd is still playing at my cdplayer everyday . Its really nice album and i really enojy listening thath guy . Nice sounds coming to my ear in order that make me feel quite happy or sad . George told me that i should start listening to him and give him more attension. I will try .....

I have read that Stereo Mcs are coming back to athens this winter . I know from Uk that their lives ROX i will try to be there . I hope the place that the concert will take place to have free space in order to feel the vibes .

Pie has send me an email telling her news from Europe . I was astonished from her reply. I hope she is ok and i am waiting here @ athens .

Today is my first session at the small music Theatre regarding bass organ. i will give you some feedback tomorrow .

Ps I love this picture its my hairy feet laying at the beach of Lipsous . i missed my vacation days

cya soon

Το δικαίωμα στην ανάγνωση θα χαθεί πολύ σύντομα (Greek version)

This is a nice article that Kostis Gave me . His blog is nice and the opinions regarding specifc aspects of life are readable ( for those who could understand Greek ) . This is in greek version sorry guys :I . You could read more here

Το δικαίωμα στην ανάγνωση

Το δικαίωμα στην ανάγνωση θα χαθεί πολύ σύντομα, όπως προφητεύει ο Stallman. Αυτός θα είναι ένας σημαντικός λόγος για επανάσταση. Ο Δημήτρης προχωρά σε διαπιστώσεις και συμπεράσματα. Ερμηνεύει την κατάσταση, που πλέον βρίσκεται πολύ κοντά μας, ως μια έξυπνη προσπάθεια του συστήματος: να κόψει απ’ τους πολίτες την ελεύθερη πρόσβαση στη γνώση. Κι έχει δίκιο. Η ερώτηση όμως με την οποία καταλήγει με τρομάζει:

Επειδή δεν βλέπω κάτι άλλο εγώ, σας ερωτώ: Εκτός από το να βγούμε στους δρόμους όλη η ανθρωπότητα και να γεμίσουμε το δρόμο με αίμα, υπάρχει κάποιος άλλος τρόπος να σταματήσει αυτό που πάει να γίνει;
Ίσως υπάρχει ο δρόμος της πνευματικής επανάστασης ή καλύτερα της καθημερινής επανάστασης που πρέπει να ξεκινά από μέσα μας, να προχωρά και να διανθίζει τις συνήθειες, τις επιλογές και τις πράξεις μας. Αν ο καθένας μας επαναστατήσει στην καθημερινότητά του το αίμα δεν είναι απαραίτητο να χυθεί. Αφήνω τα τρομακτικά και παραθέτω ολόκληρη την ιστοριούλα του Stallman σε ελεύθερη μετάφραση, κάτι που μπορεί να μου ‘έφαγε’ το πρωινό αλλά το ευχαριστήθηκα:
Από το “Η Πορεία προς το Tycho”, μια συλλογή άρθρων για το προοίμιο της Επανάστασης, δημοσιεύτηκε στην Luna City το 2096) Για τον Νταν Χάλμπερτ, η πορεία προς στο Tycho ξεκίνησε από το κολλέγιο, όταν η Λίζα Λεντς του ζήτησε να δανειστεί τον υπολογιστή του. Ο δικός της είχε χαλάσει και δεν θα κατάφερνε να ολοκληρώσει την εργασία του εξαμήνου εκτός και αν δανειζόταν τον υπολογιστή κάποιου άλλου φοιτητή. Δεν τολμούσε να ζητήσει από κανέναν βοήθεια εκτός από τον Νταν. Ο Νταν βρέθηκε σε δίλημμα. Έπρεπε να τη βοηθήσει αλλά αν της δάνειζε τον υπολογιστή του, μπορεί η Λίζα να διάβαζε τα βιβλία του. Εκτός του ότι μπορούσες να πας φυλακή για πολλά χρόνια αν άφηνες κάποιον άλλο να διαβάσει τα βιβλία σου, η ιδέα και μόνο αρχικά τον σόκαρε.

Όπως όλοι, είχε διδαχτεί από τα σχολικά του χρόνια ότι η ανταλλαγή βιβλίων ήταν κακή και εσφαλμένη πράξη, κάτι που μόνο ένας πειρατής θα τολμούσε να κάνει. Και δεν υπήρχε περίπτωση κανείς να γλιτώσει από τη δαγκάνα της ΑΠΛ - Αρχή Προστασίας Λογισμικού. Στο μάθημα του Λογισμικού ο Νταν είχε μάθει ότι κάθε βιβλίο είχε το δικό του μηχανισμό παρακολούθησης copyright ο οποίος έδινε αναφορά στην ΚΥΑ - Κεντρική Υπηρεσία Αδειοδότησης πότε, που και από ποιον είχε διαβαστεί. (Χρησιμοποιούσαν τις πληροφορίες για να εντοπίσουν πειρατές ανάγνωσης, αλλά και για να πουλήσουν τα προφίλ των αναγνωστών σε εμπόρους). Την επόμενη φορά που ο υπολογιστής του θα έμπαινε στο Δίκτυο, η ΚΥΑ θα το γνώριζε. Ως χρήστης ηλεκτρονικού υπολογιστή θα τύχαινε της σκληρότερης τιμωρίας καθώς δεν θα είχε λάβει μέτρα για να αποφύγει το έγκλημα.

Φυσικά η Λίζα δεν σκόπευε να διαβάσει τα βιβλία του Νταν. Χρειαζόταν έναν υπολογιστή απλά για να γράψει την εργασία της. Όμως ο Νταν γνώριζε ότι προερχόταν από οικογένεια με χαμηλό εισόδημα που με δυσκολία μπορούσε να της πληρώνει τα δίδακτρα, πόσο μάλλον το κόστος της ανάγνωσης. Ο μόνος τρόπος για να καταφέρει η Λίζα να αποφοιτήσει ήταν να διαβάσει τα βιβλία του. Ο Νταν γνώριζε από πρώτο χέρι αυτήν την κατάσταση: κι ο ίδιος χρειάστηκε κάποτε να δανειστεί χρήματα για να πληρώσει τα επιστημονικά κείμενα που διάβαζε (ο συγγραφέας του άρθρου έπαιρνε το 10% της αμοιβής και καθώς κι ο ίδιος στόχευε σε ακαδημαϊκή καριέρα ήλπιζε ότι και τα δικά του άρθρα κάποια μέρα θα τον αποζημίωναν).

Αργότερα, ο Νταν θα μάθαινε ότι υπήρξε μια περίοδος στο παρελθόν όπου οποιοσδήποτε μπορούσε να επισκεφτεί τη βιβλιοθήκη και να διαβάσει χωρίς κόστος επιστημονικά άρθρα, ακόμη και βιβλία. Τότε υπήρχαν ανεξάρτητοι φοιτητές που διάβαζαν χιλιάδες σελίδες χωρίς ειδική κρατική υποτροφία για βιβλιοθήκες. Αλλά τη δεκαετία του ‘90, οι εκδότες τόσο εμπορικών όσο και μη κερδοσκοπικών περιοδικών άρχισαν να χρεώνουν την πρόσβαση σε αυτά. Μέχρι το 2047, οι βιβλιοθήκες που κάποτε πρόσφεραν δημόσια πρόσβαση στα φοιτητικά βιβλία, είχαν πια ξεχαστεί. Υπήρχαν φυσικά και τρόποι να παρακαμφθούν οι έλεγχοι της ΑΠΛ και της ΚΥΑ. Συνιστούσαν βέβαια παράνομες πράξεις.

Ο Νταν είχε έναν συμφοιτητή, τον Φρανκ Μαρτούτσι, ο οποίος κατείχε ένα παράνομο λογισμικό αποσφαλμάτωσης κώδικα με το οποίο παρέκαμπτε το μηχανισμό παρακολούθησης copyright καθώς διάβαζε βιβλία. Αλλά το είχε διαδώσει σε τόσους πολλούς φίλους του ώσπου ένας απ’ αυτούς τον κατέδωσε στην ΑΠΛ έναντι αμοιβής (οι καταχρεωμένοι σπουδαστές έμπαιναν εύκολα στον πειρασμό να καταδώσουν). Το 2047, ο Φρανκ φυλακίστηκε, όχι για πειρατική ανάγνωση, αλλά για κατοχή λογισμικού αποσφαλμάτωσης. Ο Νταν έμαθε αργότερα για μια εποχή όπου οποιοσδήποτε μπορούσε να κατέχει λογισμικό αποσφαλμάτωσης. Υπήρχαν ακόμη και δωρεάν αποσφαλματωτές σε CD ή με δυνατότητα μεταφόρτωσης από το Δίκτυο. Ορισμένοι χρήστες τους χρησιμοποίησαν αρχικά για να παρακάμψουν τον μηχανισμό παρακολούθησης copyright και τελικά ένας δικαστής έκρινε ότι αυτή ήταν η κύρια χρήση τους. Αυτό σήμαινε ότι ήταν παράνομοι και οι κατασκευαστές του παράνομου λογισμικού φυλακίστηκαν. Οι προγραμματιστές είχαν φυσικά ακόμη ανάγκη τους αποσφαλματωτές αλλά το 2047 οι κατασκευαστές τους, τους διένειμαν σε αριθμημένα αντίγραφα μόνο σε προγραμματιστές που κατείχαν ειδική άδεια.

Ο αποσφαλματωτές που χρησιμοποιούσε ο Νταν βρισκόταν πίσω από ένα ισχυρό τείχος προστασίας (firewall) έτσι ώστε να μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί μόνο για εργασίες μέσα στην τάξη. Ο μηχανισμός παρακολούθησης copyright μπορούσε επίσης να παρακαμφθεί με την εγκατάσταση ενός τροποποιημένου πηρύνα (kernel) λειτουργικού συστήματος. Ο Νταν βρήκε πληροφορίες για πυρήνες ανοιχτού λογισμικού ακόμη και για ολόκληρα λειτουργικά συστήματα που υπήρξαν κατά την περίοδο της αλλαγής του αιώνα. Και όχι μόνο ήταν παράνομα, όπως οι αποσφαλματωτές, αλλά και δεν μπορούσες να τα εγκαταστήσεις στον υπολογιστή σου χωρίς να γνωρίζεις τον κωδικό χρήστη. Και ούτε το FBI, ούτε η Υποστήριξη της Microsoft μπορούσε να σου τον πει.

Ο Νταν συμπέρανε ότι δεν μπορούσε έτσι απλά να δανείσει τον υπολογιστή του στην Λίζα. Αλλά ούτε μπορούσε απ’ την άλλη να της αρνηθεί τη βοήθειά του γιατί την αγαπούσε. Κάθε ευκαιρία να της μιλήσει τον γέμιζε χαρά. Και ότι τον διάλεξε για να την βοηθήσει, σήμαινε ότι τον αγαπούσε κι αυτή. Ο Νταν έλυσε το δίλημμα προχωρώντας σε κάτι ακόμη πιο αδιανόητο: της δάνεισε τον υπολογιστή του και ταυτόχρονα της αποκάλυψε τον προσωπικό του κωδικό χρήστη. Έτσι, αν η Λίζα διάβαζε τα βιβλία του, η ΚΥΑ θα νόμιζε ότι αυτός ήταν που τα διάβαζε. Επρόκειτο γι’ ακόμη πιο σοβαρή εγκληματική πράξη αλλά η ΑΠΛ δεν θα το ανακάλυπτε απευθείας παρά μόνο στην περίπτωση που το ανέφερε η Λίζα. Αν φυσικά η Σχολή ανακάλυπτε ότι ο Νταν έδωσε στην Λίζα τον προσωπικό του κωδικό θα υπήρχε πρόβλημα και για τους δυο τους, ανεξαρτήτως του λόγου που τον χρησιμοποίησε. Η πάγια τακτική της Σχολής ήταν ότι οποιαδήποτε ανάμειξη στη διαδικασία παρακολούθησης των υπολογιστών των φοιτητών συνιστούσε αιτία για λήψη πειθαρχικών μέτρων. Δεν είχε σημασία αν γινόταν κάτι επιβλαβές. Λόγω της προσβολής τους και μόνο οι διαχειριστές του συστήματος δεν έψαχναν παραπάνω. Θεωρούσαν ότι σε κάθε περίπτωση είχε γίνει κάτι το απαγορευμένο και δεν χρειαζόταν να ξέρουν τι ήταν αυτό. Οι φοιτητές δεν αποβάλλονταν απευθείας γι’ αυτόν τον λόγο. Αντίθετα τους απαγορευόταν η πρόσβαση στους υπολογιστές της Σχολής κάτι που αναμφίβολα τους οδηγούσε σε αποτυχία σε όλα τα μαθήματα. Αργότερα ο Νταν ανακάλυψε ότι αυτή η τακτική του πανεπιστημίου είχε τις ρίζες της στη δεκαετία του ‘80, όταν μεγάλος αριθμός φοιτητών άρχισε να χρησιμοποιεί τους υπολογιστές.

Πριν από τότε τα πανεπιστήμια ακολουθούσαν διαφορετική τακτική: τιμωρούσαν τις πράξεις που ήταν επιζήμιες, όχι αυτές που ήταν απλά ύποπτες. Η Λίζα δεν κατέδωσε το Νταν στην ΑΠΛ. Η απόφασή του να τη βοηθήσει κατέληξε στο γάμο τους και επιπλέον τους οδήγησε να σκεφτούν όσα είχαν διδαχτεί για την πειρατεία από παιδιά. Το ζευγάρι άρχισε να διαβάζει για την ιστορία του copyright, για την Σοβιετική Ένωση και τις απαγορεύσεις που είχαν επιβληθεί στην αντιγραφή, ακόμη και το αρχικό κείμενο του Συντάγματος των ΗΠΑ. Μετακόμισαν στην πόλη Luna, όπου συνάντησαν και άλλους που με τον ίδιο τρόπο απωθήθηκαν από το μακρύ χέρι της ΑΠΛ. Το 2062, όταν ξεκίνησε η εξέγερση του Τycho, το οικουμενικό δικαίωμα στην ανάγνωση έγινε σύντομα πρωταρχικός σκοπός της Επανάστασης.


If you dont know sudoku then its time to start wondering about it . Well Sudoku is a new mind game that i really enjoy . I started playing last summer when kostis told me about this game . I was amazed. I really like numbers and mind puzzles. This game adicted me to a new way of numbering .

You could play sudoku here @ Greece every sunday with Kathimerini ( i really like kathimerinis Sudoku because its big and you are able to write lots of number in the cells . Eletherotipia another newspaper here publishing everyday sudoku . There are billions of feedback regarding Sudoku Google it and you will be amazed . I prefer websudoku and the evil sessions are really nightmares for me .

Please do something for your mind ,play sudoku

Monday bloody Monday

Goodmorning to all of you .I am here at the office Monday Morning and i am thinking What the F am i doing here . Well this weekend was really full of doing things . I have been finally to the OneDotZero festival @ Bios . It was a nice experience . The Basement event actually it was really crap because the sound was not hearable. Anyway on the other stage the things got better. It was really amazing looking projects with animation and videos . Few of Them Where really reallllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice.

I Was amazed from the Rendering and the animated videos or characters involved. My favourites were "Artificial Memory" and "Hotdog " (Short and content-less ) .

Saturday was a nice experience . I have been to a "POP" party. The spot was full of happy ppl talking and dancing whatever they hear. the Guy who "construct " the whole sessions was an architect. I did not the guy but who cares . Kostis , Maria and Mitsos was there . Dikaia and the other girls did want to get involved in that kind of situation.I thihnk their decision was invalid . actually its alla about choices......

Friday we talked with Mitsos about the future of their web site . I told him that they should add a blog micro-site where they could update daily with short content . He was positive. Maria was anxious about her Msc at London But as i told her i think that everything will be ok . Just think positive.

This wed at 19:00 i have my first class regarding music. George told me that when i get the first picture we could make a band developing our new sounds. My opinion was that i firstly should check this matter and then try to develop something . thats it

Cya around


Lay your feet its Week-end !!!

The weekend starts ladies and lords . I actually have a very good mood and iam ready to taste anything this weekend . As you all know at weekends i am not updating my blog sites but i will try to give you some feedback how things going this monday.

Maria and Mitsos inform me about a party in a house that we should go . I am positive and i feel like partying . I dont have much work to do today so i am happy . Testers are hitting......But i actually have a boring meeting at 16:00 . The good point is that i would see some good friends at the meeting point there .So cya on monday have fun ........

George And Marios

George and Marios . Saturday Night close to Pop photos . Marios is a wannabe writer . iam trying to persuate him to give me some feedback about his work to publish it here . He has done some presentations at Bios regarding his work at Graphs . He is cool .

Now George the famous George . he is the King of Style-ss . He have been frineds since Aulona Black military sessions. I am going to write to you all the spicy details about this winter and all of our night adventures . Just to let you know that its going to be a longgggggggggggggg Winter . be prepared

Url Travelling

I have alreday told you that i am thinking of moving my blog site into a new url. The transfer will be completed by the end of September. the name of the Blog will finally be

i really dont know what you feel about that but ok thats life . i will try to let you all know by new mails . i have feedbacks realted the blog and are quite good. I dont have 100000 hits but i have the hits that i want . so as Britney says " Hit me baby one More time ..."


Let me introduce you my roomate. He is hot and i named it as C-fish. In Greek version all think we are talking about sifis but actually it is C-fish. I had an accident two weeks ago with his home. I will to try to replace his living pool this saturday.

IT is a really strange fish and quite memorable. I could notice him for long time periods of the day . The funny thing about him is his sleep. He sleeps ,he moves and he could do lots of things while his dreams . I have tried to fed him in his sleeping hours but he did not do anything. Anyway . Say a hello to him .

Killing Time

I just finished a microsite related my project involved here at Vf so i have the ability to Murder my time . So next week will be quite a Biggggggggg one for me. The testing related my project will be ended and we move into the final line where its going to a-live. So I am actually quite stressed out but i think it will be ok .

Today also the teacher from the small music Theatre called me to let me know that next Wed i will be introduced to the other students related that specific organ. I am really really anxious to do so. But i think it will actually be fun. I have just put a reminder at my mob in order not to forget it . Well today i am going @ Bios . I hope to c some of you there live.

Dont forget that this saturday also some multimedia new screenshot will be produced to your eyes @ Bios with one of the Best Web Designers in England involved. The only Negative regarding the specific session is the 10 Eyros entrance point.


OneDotZero@BIOS from 15-18 of Sept

Hello Blippers ! i have read at the newspapers yesterday that Bios is running a multimedia British Festival Named as ONEDOTZERO . So for today the listings are "wavelenght" @18:30 "Wow +flutter " @ 20:30 and "Prespectives... " @ 18:30 ,my fav "Future Anime " @ 20 :30 . When the screenings end there will be an optical- sound live from Ultre . I really dont know who these guys are . I will try to be there in order to see Future Anime ..... I think it will be a good eye presentation for all of you. Check it .

This pic was taken from me and is one of my favourites . i am waiting your pics in order to publish them here . i will be my pleasure to publish them here . And the final hit a big sorry for Kostis who i characterized him as my older friend . My older friend i think is my terminal . so respect Kostis :P

This is my favourite couple

Sot was on line this morning and send some pictures fulling my mailbox. This is one of my favourites pics . Well let me introduce to you my fav couple. This is Sot and Florian . Hello Mr Florian ( Sot included ) .I hope they are fine and i am waiting their photo adventures in my mailbox. I will try to visit them this Xmas if they are in holland . Sot also send me some pics from Tzia when we went together for camping . I will try to post some pics in the later future


Bios Up and running

Bios is live again. We could see from their web site that this phenomenon is moving into new level . New projects coming live at our ears and our eyes . From 15 of september until 18 there is a festival regarding new technologies and multimedia . I will be there whenever i can . The site of the spot is located here . Check for pleasure .


i feel really anxious about the result of the project i am involved this time of the year. the project is going to be a-live next month so i have so much work to do. anyway shit happens . Yesterday a great visitor came into my door. The famous Anna aka The "teacher" will be living at my house for the next few days . i actually i am not in the mood to talk or interact with anyone else rather my terminal but ok ...........
I am thinking of changing the url of my blog into . iam waiting your feedback about that . Feel confortable to say anything .
Ok i still have this Baso ( the organ... i actually dont have the english word in my mind right now ) thing planned for this wed. i really would like to start learning how to play music . this will keep up my mind in motion . so lets wait and see what will happen this wed . i am really anxious about this . my worst fear is , the disability not to learn something that you love so much . i will feel really stupid if iam not able to learn music . anyway . we will c .

have a nice morning

We love to read New web sites ......

The web site of dimitris and Lefty is up and running . You could find a quite interesting things there . these ppl are nuts and i really love their web site .its not prof thats why it really rox . i dont have feedback for them just to say to keep up the nice work. Lefty its my clone ( or the opposite i am clone of lefty ) as dimitris says . ok here is the web site enjoy .

Take a closer look .....

Hello Guys and girls ! The week starts .
i really dont know if the last weekend could be characterized as bad weekend or good weekend . There was good moments and actually bad moments . Fridays with dikaia are always positive. Group Therapy is a good solution in the problem Where we should go. It is not the best place to go in order to listen something new but ok dikaia loves it so ..... Anyway kostis was there and save me from this boring night. After that the going out thing continued in another bar called one happy cloud which made me feel sick . i really dont know how ppl love to go in places like that . i really wanted to piss over the batender .
George calls saturdays nights are always a nice suprise . " tasso Forget everything there is a party at exarxia we should go " . i could follow George wherever he goes . the party was good but when things get warmer we left. we went to POP where Mitsos was there ( mitsos and lefty have a web site you should be informed shortly ) . Saturday was ok .

Sunday was really a nightmare for me and i actually dont want to talk about it . I would like to describe this sunday as the end of a desired world that i have built in my mind .I really dont know what i should do about this but i will keep up ...............

reality hurts

cya blippers

Iridanos web site

This time i have something for you that i got from my older ( sorry kostis ....... ) friend kostis . Kostis loves this kind of content . i really found this web site quite interesting and there are a lot of feedback regarding Greek art ,music , Theatre and etc . the design of the site is quite nice . great link mr Kostis . so just check it ...... ehm e reminder that its a greek site so ...... ellinares enjoy :)

Matisse web site

well you all know that music is another secret part of my life . George the beloved friend from army give me some great feedback regarding music and what is happening here at athens . Aristomenis was a friend of george and he is the singer of the Greek band Matisse . the new album was published this summer and its great. Aris has his own thoughts and ideas about life and everything. i was really happy exposed to that kind of content at our trip last august at pilio. IT WAS REALLY a nice experience . i will try to post some pictures from that trip at next posting . well the band rox they are good ( not 2 good as Aris say ) and they have a new web site . check them and iam waiting your feedback .

Murphy's technology laws

well here you go . this is one of my favourite sites regarding Murphy's laws. its really cool just check it .

Build the world and do it in one day plz ......

Even God had seven days to construct the world ( the myth says so ) . there are several problems regarding developers. I had the most common problem regarding developers yesterday . A guy had to go to a client for training and when he finished the training he email-ed me this

Most important issue:) The system they are currently working with has a drop down selection box for the category area of each incident (and I thought it was a good idea). Is it possible to have such a system rather than clicking on each category to enter the relevant news? Therefore all incidents whether sports, politics etc will be submitted under one node on the CMS tree and classified according to the selection of the drop down box. BR Philip. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can we have these by tommorow (large grin on my face)......PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE....... Do you think that is too soon?

Tomorrow? by tomorrow ? ehm and here is my reply of course................

2) sorry but the Cms was developed in order to work with drop down items . The platform work like that and the back end developers who designed and implement the system had their own reasons to do that( the system is used for other platforms rather that VF live , web and etc ) . so you are asking to re-design and re-develop the system from the scratch and do that in one day ........ehm actually sorry but this is not applicable ......
Br Anastasis

the pic has nothing to do with developers. my beloved friend Xristos send me this email for Amsterdam Hotel Service. Have a good day :)

Street Art

Well i really enjoy when links like this coming to my msn or my mailbox .. My beloved friend from holland the artist formerly known as Sotia give me always the best links regarding art. ( You are hot sot -Florian included of course). Well there are a lot of pictures here to check the link

well enjoy

New blog ..... i will try to share my thoughts


i really dont know if i want to write my thoughts in english. I actually prefer to write anything in Greek . i will try it later. well ok i really dont know about blogs this is my first blog. i will try to share my thoughts ideas my photos and try to keep you up . This will also work as a lifetime journal . So developers have things to say that are not related to their work ........

Lets try and we will c the results . sorry about my english

Anastasios Sarantis