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Dikaia's Departure

Dikaia is a friend of my mine since the years i have been living at Rhodes . She stays at my house the last 2 months which was an interesting situation ( at the end ) . You all know that i really dont like to live with other people and i prefer being alone at my space. I really need my space in order to fell free even in my personal life. Dikaia is a friend of mine and i dont want her to live in another place in order to take classes for the Art university here @ athens . The results of the exams that she has given last week will be publishe d the next Oct . I hope she gets the results that she wants in order to pass here @ the university.
She is living next Monday going back to Rhodes . she really did not wanted to go back but since she has not got her money to live in the cell named as Athens then she has to go back .

Well that is life .

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