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Monday bloody Monday

Goodmorning to all of you .I am here at the office Monday Morning and i am thinking What the F am i doing here . Well this weekend was really full of doing things . I have been finally to the OneDotZero festival @ Bios . It was a nice experience . The Basement event actually it was really crap because the sound was not hearable. Anyway on the other stage the things got better. It was really amazing looking projects with animation and videos . Few of Them Where really reallllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice.

I Was amazed from the Rendering and the animated videos or characters involved. My favourites were "Artificial Memory" and "Hotdog " (Short and content-less ) .

Saturday was a nice experience . I have been to a "POP" party. The spot was full of happy ppl talking and dancing whatever they hear. the Guy who "construct " the whole sessions was an architect. I did not the guy but who cares . Kostis , Maria and Mitsos was there . Dikaia and the other girls did want to get involved in that kind of situation.I thihnk their decision was invalid . actually its alla about choices......

Friday we talked with Mitsos about the future of their web site . I told him that they should add a blog micro-site where they could update daily with short content . He was positive. Maria was anxious about her Msc at London But as i told her i think that everything will be ok . Just think positive.

This wed at 19:00 i have my first class regarding music. George told me that when i get the first picture we could make a band developing our new sounds. My opinion was that i firstly should check this matter and then try to develop something . thats it

Cya around


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