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i feel really anxious about the result of the project i am involved this time of the year. the project is going to be a-live next month so i have so much work to do. anyway shit happens . Yesterday a great visitor came into my door. The famous Anna aka The "teacher" will be living at my house for the next few days . i actually i am not in the mood to talk or interact with anyone else rather my terminal but ok ...........
I am thinking of changing the url of my blog into . iam waiting your feedback about that . Feel confortable to say anything .
Ok i still have this Baso ( the organ... i actually dont have the english word in my mind right now ) thing planned for this wed. i really would like to start learning how to play music . this will keep up my mind in motion . so lets wait and see what will happen this wed . i am really anxious about this . my worst fear is , the disability not to learn something that you love so much . i will feel really stupid if iam not able to learn music . anyway . we will c .

have a nice morning

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