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Take a closer look .....

Hello Guys and girls ! The week starts .
i really dont know if the last weekend could be characterized as bad weekend or good weekend . There was good moments and actually bad moments . Fridays with dikaia are always positive. Group Therapy is a good solution in the problem Where we should go. It is not the best place to go in order to listen something new but ok dikaia loves it so ..... Anyway kostis was there and save me from this boring night. After that the going out thing continued in another bar called one happy cloud which made me feel sick . i really dont know how ppl love to go in places like that . i really wanted to piss over the batender .
George calls saturdays nights are always a nice suprise . " tasso Forget everything there is a party at exarxia we should go " . i could follow George wherever he goes . the party was good but when things get warmer we left. we went to POP where Mitsos was there ( mitsos and lefty have a web site you should be informed shortly ) . Saturday was ok .

Sunday was really a nightmare for me and i actually dont want to talk about it . I would like to describe this sunday as the end of a desired world that i have built in my mind .I really dont know what i should do about this but i will keep up ...............

reality hurts

cya blippers

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