Never trust modern technology. Trust it only when it is old technology.

Happy Xmas to everyone !!!

Hello !!

This is the final post before Xmas. I am flying to Rhodes tomorrow . i will try to post some pictures from Rhodes in order to give you the feedback regarding my xmas celebrations . the best wishes to everyone ...... try to smile .. cya around 8 of Jan when finally i got my Dsl at home .


I could not resist not to publish this picture . Lefty is the artistic Dr Geek. Well Five people gathered together to celebrate Xmas almost naked eating bananas... Maraki , Mitsos , Lefty and wo of their friends will be the "developers" of that celebration.
Well , i wont be here to party and dance with them since i am flying to Rhodes .... i am really sad that icould not make it to the party but .....i have already booked the ticket ....
Anyway , i think it will be the "geek" of the year.

ZzZ Z zzz Z zz Z z zZ z Z v2.0

Hello Goodmorning!!! Its 5:30 in the morning and i am here at VF. I have good news .. ITS F INSTALLED...............YES YES YES ........ i am really happy and dizzy 2. Cya around....

Friday I Was In Love.

Hello !!!!
well we are moving into Xmas . This is the last weekend before Xmas. I will try to get drunk tonight with my friend Kostis . He is always positive when we start very early as he has told me he is a "Day see " guy. I am really happy next week friday i will be at my home @ Rhodes. All my friends will be at Rhodes this Xmas ( except Stk who i will try to keep him informed about everything).
This sunday is not a sudoku sunday as we have to meet again here at Vf to re-install the new package. We ll c how things going...
Have a nice geek-end and try to have fun ....i will try ....

Thursday Fever

Hello my beloved bloggers. I have been to the office since 7:40 this morning . We have been with Kostis on the Road from 6:45 this morning. AS you all know there are strikes and nothing is moving from Buses to Metro. I have called Kostis last night to let him know about the procedure of "travelling" from centre to Ethniki Amina.
About the installation now , The migration of the new Cms platform failed last night so we have to come this sunday for a new re-install of the software. That means that this Sunday our team will be here at VF(midnight to morning ) trying to install it.
I have received a mail from Tina last evening telling me that she will be to Athens the next week and then travelling to Rhodes for Xmas. I am really happy that i will c her. I have not c her for two years now. Well she wanted to be a Dr that;s why she is still at UK studying her P.h.D degree.
I have also received a mail from Sot. she told me that she will be to Athens from 20 to 23 and then travelling to Rhodes . I am really happy that i will c her. well in the last mail she told me that she was at Amsterdam doing someting with design .
My friend Panos was here at Athens yesterday but since i was sleeping all day i could manage to c him. he is travelling to Rhodes 2 this afternoon. So you understand that the new hot-spot for Xmas will be Rhodes .

ZzZ Z zzz Z zz Z z zZ z Z

Its 4:33 in the morning and still installing the new platform . ouf ... i am dreaming my bed and my bed is seeking my body. I WANT TO SLEEP ..

The Pixies Surfer Rosa -Where is my mind

This track is my favourite track ever . I remember my best summer ever when i have been for holidays to an island next to Rhodes named Simi. I have met new ppl of course and new friends that i am still connected to them. I was still studying my first degree as a computer scientist . At night we have been to a church on the top of the island where girls and boys where singing and dancing to live music. The girl next to me told me about a movie that i should c . It was her favourite movie by then . She was still going to high school and i was at my second year at the university. "you must c the Fight Club it is really nice Movie ". After 3 months when the movie came at the end i heard this track. I have downloaded the file and found more details about this group named as "The pixies". Everytime that i listen to this track i feel like jumping from my body. You will be able to downoad the track from here. The lyrics are :
Ooooooh - stop

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
But there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself

Where is my mind
Where is my mind
Where is my mind

Way out in the water
See it swimmin'

I was swimmin' in the Carribean
Animals were hiding behind the rocks
Except the little fish
But they told me, he swears
Tryin' to talk to me to me to me

Where is my mind
Where is my mind

Where is my mind

Way out in the water
See it swimmin'

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
If there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself

Where is my mind
Where is my mind
Where is my mind

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah

New installation night ....

Ouf i will have to be here at VF tonight in order to install a new platform . this will has to be after midnight when the traffic of VF network is not busy . The thing is that i am BORED to come here at night and tomorrow we have the strikes 2..... ouf ouf ouf ouf

Geekend Feedback

Ouf ! i really some holidays guys. A new platform is going live tomorrow here @ VF so we are quite busy. Aynway,

This weekend was a relaxed one. Kostis and I we celebrate the saturday afternoon fever in several bars together with Marillena. i started with a greek coffee at 7 o clock in the afternoon and we finished into POP and Kapaki bar drinking the last Vodka and Jeann Lemon .

We met with Mitsos on the way home and he told me that he is arranging a party at 23 of Dec but i will be travelling to Rhodes that date. I think it will be a good opportinuty to get drunk and met new ppl but ........

Sunday i went for once again at Acropolis . I really love the view from The Acropolis . ... i hope everyone is cool and moving with Xmas mood . cya around then .....

Dubai 1991-2005(Things change )

Dubai 1991

Dubai 2005

Οδηγός Συμβουλών για νεαρές συζύγους.

Ελεύθερη σχέση...(Greek Version)

Taken from a blog site ....
Ό,τι απασχολεί στα σοβαρά την πλειοψηφία των ανθρώπων δεν μπορεί να είναι ανοησία. Προλογίζω έτσι το ποστ που ακολουθεί για να δικαιολογήσω μέσα μου τα κίνητρα που με οδήγησαν να το δημοσιεύσω.
Και ξεκινώ μ’ ένα συμπέρασμα-αφορισμό: Ελεύθερη σχέση δεν μπορεί να υπάρξει όπως, τηρουμένων των αναλογιών, δεν μπορεί να υπάρξει ελεύθερη αγορά. Ή διαφορετικά η ελεύθερη σχέση είναι μια ουτοπία όπως και η ελεύθερη αγορά.
Και για το δεύτερο μέρος του συμπεράσματος, ας με συγχωρήσουν οι οπαδοί του φιλελευθερισμού. Ποιός ξέρει, μπορεί κάποτε να αλλάξω γνώμη και στρατόπεδο. Από τους οπαδούς όμως της ελεύθερης σχέσης δεν σηκώνω κουβέντα. Συνεχίζω την ανάλυση του θέματος με την παρακάτω ιστοριούλα, όπου πρόσωπα και πράγματα είναι υπαρκτά:
Ένιωθε φόβο απέναντι στις προθέσεις της. Ευχόταν να έχει κάνει λάθος, αλλά τα πράγματα συνεχώς τον επιβεβαίωναν. Ήταν φανερά ερωτευμένη μαζί του ενώ η σκέψη του δεν άντεχε το ενδεχόμενο ανάπτυξης ερωτικής σχέσης ανάμεσά τους. Ήταν σχεδόν όμορφη. Σχεδόν τον κάλυπτε. Τότε τι έφταιγε; Ίσως το γεγονός ότι του δόθηκε τόσο εύκολα. Ας μην είχε στείλει ποτέ εκείνα τα μηνύματα μετά τη δεύτερη συνάντησή τους.
Η αποδοχή εκ μέρους του της πρόσκλησης της για καφέ, τον γέμιζε τύψεις. Τι θα της έλεγε; Πώς θα κατόρθωνε να μην της αφήσει κανένα περιθώριο; Να διώξει την παραμικρή ελπίδα από μέσα της; Μήπως έπρεπε να διαστρεβλώσει την εικόνα του όπως την είχε στο μυαλό της; Όχι, αυτό ήταν άδικο απέναντί της. Μήπως έπρεπε να της ξεκαθαρίσει απευθείας πώς βλέπει το μέλλον της σχέσης τους; Όχι, αυτό ήταν άδικο απέναντί του.
Δεν ήταν σίγουρος αν ήταν θετικό πως η κουβέντα ξεκίνησε απ’ τα βιβλία. Όπως συνήθως συμβαίνει στους ανθρώπους της ηλικίας τους κι αυτή η κουβέντα γύρισε στα ερωτικά. Βασανίστηκε γι’ αρκετή ώρα μέχρι που ο ίδιος, προς μεγάλη του έκπληξη, πέταξε στο τραπέζι τις απόψεις του για την «ελεύθερη σχέση».
Της είπε πως βλέπει κάτι οξύμωρο και αντιφατικό σ’ αυτές τις δύο λέξεις. Αναρωτήθηκε πώς μια σχέση, ένα σύνολο δεσμών, μπορεί ταυτόχρονα να είναι ελεύθερη δεσμών. Αυτό το οξύμωρο είναι το γοητευτικό, του απάντησε, αλλά η άποψή της δεν τον αποστόμωσε. Συνέχισε με ζήλο να της αναλύει ότι το «ελεύθερη» και το «σχέση» δεν πάνε μαζί. Οι περισσότεροι ταυτίζουν λανθασμένα το «ελέυθερη» με το «καθαρά σεξουαλική». Το δαιμόνιο της κτητικότητας κάνει αργά ή γρήγορα την εμφάνισή του και τότε οι αρχικές ψευδαισθήσεις διαλύονται. Έτσι, είτε η σχέση δεν υπήρξε ποτέ ελεύθερη είτε δεν υπήρξε ποτέ στην πραγματικότητα σχέση.
Μετά απ’ αυτές τις βαρύγδουπες δηλώσεις του, έδειχνε σκεπτική και ο ίδιος ήταν πεπεισμένος ότι έκανε προσπάθεια να επαναφέρει στο μυαλό της όσες από τις προηγούμενες σχέσεις της θεωρούσε ελεύθερες. Έστω για λίγο όμως, του είπε, μπορούμε να θεωρήσουμε μια σχέση ελεύθερη. Διαφώνησε και επέμεινε στην άποψη του.
Από εκείνη την μέρα δεν τον ξαναενόχλησε.

Ouf Pre- - Xmas work overdose

Sorry that i could not update my blog very frequently but i have so much work to do here. Anyway just to let you know that i met with Michael, Stam , and Antonis at my place eating souvlakia (the international word of Σουβλάκι) and watching on TV Olympiakos .Antonis finished his obligations at the military camp of sparti and now is moving to Rhodes. I have some pictures and videos that will be published soonly. anyway i hope everyone is ok and moving to the Xms hapilly ... i am ..

We are moving Into Xmas ....

Monday Sux!!!

This weekend i was trying to relax and tryed not to go out . Friday i tried to get out with the guys but i felt asleep from 10 . I wanted to sleep only for an hour but i was feeling so tired thats why i decide to sleep more ... I was really tired this week so it was a good opportunity to relax.

I have been to Stereo MC's this Saturday with Froso.It was a good concert .....Actually to tell you the truth i really enjoyed listening(Dancing&Jumping included) "Connected", "Creation" "Deep Down and Dirty" . I really enjoy this guy dancing ,jumping , moving over the stage and make the crowd feel free to jump. I will try to post some pictures from the event soon. I had some problems regarding photos since a guy there told me not to take photos . Its true the words coming into my ear about Stereo Mcs concert .....They really make you jump.....

I could not c George and Mitsos since i was really tired going out this saturday . They went to a party @ EMΠ. I think that Froso went 2 there . I was really tired to follow them . I prefered my beloved bed ...

This sunday MIchael Fillipakis was @ Athens. We met and we have been out for a coffee with Stamatis and John. I was really happy to c him here . This Tuesday also Antonis is coming @ Athens and both they will living at my place .... Its really nice to have good friends close to you.

When i came into the office today i was really surprised from the Xmas trees and lights that where placed in the head offices here at Neo psixiko site of VF. Those lights made me forget that is Monday...for a while

Geek Holidays

Hello Girls and boys !!!
This is Friday .I have good news regarding my vacation days . I am happy to inform you that i will be to Rhodes from 23 of Dec to 8 of Jan.... I am really happy that they gave me the days that i wanted ....actually ok Christos here a friend and co-worker help a lot and that why i really would like to say thnks to him . Now let me think .I have so many things to do at Rhodes .First of all to c my Family and my BROTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR .Stelio I am coming make place at our room ..Friends ...all of us will be at rhodes...Except Stk who will stay at crete. I dont know about net but my brother told me from phone that he was connected into dsl but he had problems with the line .

Now about the weekend . I will go to the concert of Stereo Mcs here at athens with Froso . We talked yesterday on the phone and she told me that has some ideas regarding the site ......i trust her because I think she is talented . I will try to keep you up with this when i have some results .Today i will try to contact Mitsos and George in order to go out. We talked yesterday on the phone with mitsos he has plans for tonight.Anyway guys c you around and have a nice weekend ...

1000 is the magic number

Today after three months of being alive iam proud to say that we had 1000 unique users for the last three months.1000 ppl have seen my blog and i dont think they love the idea to read what a geek says . Tnks guys