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Thursday Fever

Hello my beloved bloggers. I have been to the office since 7:40 this morning . We have been with Kostis on the Road from 6:45 this morning. AS you all know there are strikes and nothing is moving from Buses to Metro. I have called Kostis last night to let him know about the procedure of "travelling" from centre to Ethniki Amina.
About the installation now , The migration of the new Cms platform failed last night so we have to come this sunday for a new re-install of the software. That means that this Sunday our team will be here at VF(midnight to morning ) trying to install it.
I have received a mail from Tina last evening telling me that she will be to Athens the next week and then travelling to Rhodes for Xmas. I am really happy that i will c her. I have not c her for two years now. Well she wanted to be a Dr that;s why she is still at UK studying her P.h.D degree.
I have also received a mail from Sot. she told me that she will be to Athens from 20 to 23 and then travelling to Rhodes . I am really happy that i will c her. well in the last mail she told me that she was at Amsterdam doing someting with design .
My friend Panos was here at Athens yesterday but since i was sleeping all day i could manage to c him. he is travelling to Rhodes 2 this afternoon. So you understand that the new hot-spot for Xmas will be Rhodes .

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