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Geek Holidays

Hello Girls and boys !!!
This is Friday .I have good news regarding my vacation days . I am happy to inform you that i will be to Rhodes from 23 of Dec to 8 of Jan.... I am really happy that they gave me the days that i wanted ....actually ok Christos here a friend and co-worker help a lot and that why i really would like to say thnks to him . Now let me think .I have so many things to do at Rhodes .First of all to c my Family and my BROTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR .Stelio I am coming make place at our room ..Friends ...all of us will be at rhodes...Except Stk who will stay at crete. I dont know about net but my brother told me from phone that he was connected into dsl but he had problems with the line .

Now about the weekend . I will go to the concert of Stereo Mcs here at athens with Froso . We talked yesterday on the phone and she told me that has some ideas regarding the site ......i trust her because I think she is talented . I will try to keep you up with this when i have some results .Today i will try to contact Mitsos and George in order to go out. We talked yesterday on the phone with mitsos he has plans for tonight.Anyway guys c you around and have a nice weekend ...

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