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Weekend end

Hello !
Its Monday :( Anyway the good point regarding this specifc week is that we are moving into Dec. Xmas are coming .......... This weekend i have done quite a lot of things. My aunt was here at my house. well she is almost the same like my mother. In very few hours my house was clean and was shining. It was really weird coming into my house and smell nice cooked Food. I was really astonished... anyway . ... .
Last friday we have been to several bars with George ,Mitsos and Misel. We have been to Kapaki where Lenaki was there with Filipos . We met a lot of new ppl there .Actually it was a party for the nameday of a girl named as katerina and she was also promoting her small newspaper named as "the prits". A lot of fun and new friends came up. We finished the Friday night at Pop . the meeting point .I have seen sofy after few weeks time and she told told me that she was reading my blog.I was really happy to c her
.Saturday, I was trying to fix my computer and the memory that my brother sent me from rhodes . My aunt was trying to clean the house all over weekend. Sunday we went to Acropolis. i was really astonished once again with Acropolis. I will try to be there every second Sunday . I had some pictures taken ..... Antonis my friend from Rhodes was @ Athens actually @ Pireas . We met this Sunday and we went into Stamatis place. Christi a friend of mine from Rhodes was there telling us about the nightlife here in Athens . Friday and Saturday they where at bouzoukia . Anyway ..... I have called Froso for the Matisse web site and she told me that she has some ideas regarding the specific project. She told me that she has a lot of work to do as me here but she will try to think some ideas and give me some feedback .
Kostis was travelling to Kriti last friday.I suppose he is at work now . I will try to call him later to tell me all the news regarding Kriti....

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