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i will call today for Phone Line....

I am happy today . my new phone line will be installed at my house the next few days. I will have to call the F OTE in order to get them come to my house. i have tried several times this morning but i could not get in touch with them.I want my lineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee plz plz plz . I have decided that i want dsl before Xmas but as i could c here in greece things are slower than death anyway.
I have so much work to do here at VF. Everyone still has lot of work to do . Maybe its the end of Nov where all are being prepared for Xmas. This weekend was quite nice. We decided with kotsis today to go to the theatre . Still its raining but i think the play its really cool that why i will follow Kostis. anyway time to work cya around .

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