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Have a nice week

Hello! Have a nice week to everyone!
I really dont like Mondays as i said in my previous Posts. Last weekend was quite interesting. Friday we went out with Mitsos and George . We have been to several underground bars and we finished the night at Bar Guru. I actually feel bored at the end of the night. It was nice talking with George and Dimi how week moved on but the thing is that I was tired moving from place to place to check the crowd.
Anyway , Saturday it was a good day of checking my mp3z and making playlists of my favorite music into my terminal at home. Finally, Sunday I went for a coffee at Plaka and try to solve the new issues regarding Sudoku at The “E” paper. I have been to Bios at noon in order to check the Intimate Transactions project. At afternoon we have been with George into a theatrical act at the theatre of “Νέος Κόσμος” which was really nice. I laughed a lot and I really like the act of those two characters. The name of the play was “Κατσαρίδα” . A friend of George was playing on the act . The weekend finished and I have so many things to do here @ VF . So cya around.

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