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Please Smile.... its weekend coming

This is Friday at last. There are many things that i should do this weekend ! today Cake will play live for first time here @ Athens . I will try to check their live. The price related that concert is about 30 euros thats why its an issue worth going. I really want to go and check them live. Christos a collegue told me that he will go but in the Salonika Live. I first listen to cake when i was student from christos ( I salute the grandmaster or funk Mr katapodis ) . I will survive ( Gloria Gaynor) remake is one of my favourite tracks ever . They have done other remakes 2 . I think it will be a good live ...
Anyway , This weekend i will also try to check the Intimate Transactions project at Bios . I am really weird to check the installation. I have check the specs and actually the technology related was quite memorable . I wiil get you feedback in order to check . we have not met with Kostis since he came back from Kriti thats why i will try to contact him this weekend. Anyway guys i hope everyone has the best weekened ever, i will ..... so cya around geekies and please smileeeeeeeeeeee like a Geek do :)

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