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Weekend Fever

Hello ! I hope everyone is ok. It is Friday at last. well i have so many things to do this weekend .I could not find anyone that really want to pay about 22 euros to c Electrelane live. I think that all of my friends would like to go to drink a coctail @ Pop. anyway , yesterday i have been with Mitsos As i told you for a drink-coffee.I told him about the thoughts that i have in mind and we have been talking about all that kind of staff. I have also called Kostis last Wed in order to c how are things down to Crete.I have found a way in order to publish data from here VF since the support team thought that they should block all the blog ftp uploads.These guys are really pissing me off. Last afternoon i had problems with my login account and i called the support center .I think are the worst ppl related to IT . because they have the authority to permit or not to the systems they believe that they are actually the center of the universe. Anyway ....

2 Responses to “Weekend Fever”

  1. # Anonymous lefty

    taso edw lefty. 8a rwthsw asxeto. diavaza shmera to guestbook kai eida to sxolio sou gia to encoding, pou eixes dikio vevaia. mporw na kanw egw tipota h ftaine oi servers pou einai vretanikoi? (eixa valei sto dreamweaver default encoding ->greek, pantws). poso 8a 8ela na ftia3ei auto...  

  2. # Blogger Loop

    yo Lefty :) sorry lipon gia to late reply alla weekends den exw net . tha valw tora adsl giati den paei allo . Loipon re si vasika apo oti eida afto to guestbook epeidh eina ise Uk server pou simenei oti h vasi h einai UK related den ipostirizei greek characters, pantos sigoura tha sou dinei kapou mia dianatotia na to kaneis modify. An boreis to encoding gia na min exei prob me characters na to modify SE UTF-8 pou simainei den tha exeis prob se otidipote vazei o xristis akomi kai kinezika :) aplos isws na min ipostirizei kati tonous alla kai pali se teties periptwseis aplos ueloume oi characters na einai ellinikoi :)  

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