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Rhodes Adventure

Have a nice week . I really dont feel like to write today but i will try to post some new pics from my trip to Rhodes. Actually , it was a really nice weekend . I have seen my parents and Brother ans lots of friends. These pictures are from Fridays fever @ "Ρωγμή του Χρόνου" the bar.Actually to tell you the truth things have changed to Rhodes. New things came up into my ears and my eyes.
Saturday was one of my best nights @ Rhodes in the labeled bar "Θέατρο".Funky sounds with lots of friends dancing and drinking at the upper stage of the bar. I had some interesting chatting. A coctail was always included and finally they have change the style into music. It was the first saturday that i enjoyed going out. I will try to post some new pictures regarding the Barbeque party that Kex made @ his place sunday noon.

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