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TV Makes Me Feel Sick

Yesterday I was trying to find a TV program to watch. I hate the news on TV. We are talking about the worst way to get passive content to your house. These guys on the news are make me feel sick(named As journalists ) .The worst Thing about TV is all about choices .OK you have the choice to c the channels that you want BUT the weak point is that there is no Interactivity. Let me explain to you what i mean.

I want to c the news regarding a specific object. I dont have this ability on TV . I think that TV will be replaced the very next years through other technological devices. I dont like to be passive i wanna to be involved and I would like to have the choice to choose the news -content that i want to read-hear.I would also like to have the ability to give my personal opinion about the specific content. Internet could do that but here in Greece we like to be passive.We are talking about 64% of percent here dont use Net but we are talking about percent 90% have more than two Tvs at Home.Tv content providers also server as Internet the "Tool Of devil" .Come on , they have seen that their kingdom collapses from other technological content providers so they promote it like this .I feel sick when i heard news on TV regarding Internet.
Anyway , kill your TVs .

4 Responses to “TV Makes Me Feel Sick”

  1. # Blogger taxras

    giati den soy aresei h tv eixe tsonta pali xtes to bradi 2-1 lyon-osfp  

  2. # Blogger Loop

    kala re esi den exeis doulia na kaneis ? kala 2 h ora to mesimeri einai :) hhehehehe kala  

  3. # Blogger taxras

    sxolasa to apogeyma pali :) en peirazei ante kai tou xronou tha ta pate kalitera.  

  4. # Anonymous Emmanuel Polichronis

    Ya Taxras. eine o manolis etho, ti kanis stelio?  

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