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Weekend FeedBack

Actually it was a boring weekend. Tony came this weekend from Tripoli and he was staying @ Pireas .

Well , Tony had the idea to go to club close to Voula named as Galea . Well it was one of the most boring nights ever . The good point regarding the Friday night was Alcohol( Free free free ) . Saturday i lost all day to find a solution on a codec problem @ my pi-ci .I went to the cinema to C the movie that i told you @ Village

Sunday i had to fix the problems regarding Matina's PC.I really feel bored to format-transfer - install and so much DOs regarding PC . I am not a technician and i dont suppose to know every driver and every device that anyone has to his pc . Anyway , Maten is a really good friend of mine and I could not say NO. My F sunday noon was lost to fix all the problems regarding her's pc. AS you know Sunday siesta and drinking my coffee and playing Sudoku @ plaka is one of my favourite events ,Ever. Anyway SH*T happens .

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