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Summer Lovers

I really dont know if summer is my favourite season or not . I actually prefer winter but ok every season of the year has its own positive variables .

This picture as Fro-so send me is from Πετροχώρι, Μεσσηνίας. I actually enjoyed her pictures and this specific is one of my favourites . Dorothy @ Barcelona sent me an email promising that i will receive her pictures from Barca Soon . I will try to be there next Xmas as i promised to her .

4 Responses to “Summer Lovers”

  1. # Anonymous maraki

    Geia sou Tasouli!!!!
    Eida oti me evales sto blog kai polu to harika!Elpizw na pernas kala!Kai egw paizw su doku mehri na me parei o ypnos!!mats mouts  

  2. # Blogger Loop

    ela maraki mou :) thnks . Fantazomai tha beneis me Mac apo to uni afou xtes se ekana trace hehehehehe.

    mou anevases ore to traffic tou site . diavazw kai ta nea sou apo to super polixromo blog sou .
    ante se filo  

  3. # Anonymous Emmanuel Polichronis

    Hey Taso. That picture reminds me of the beaches here in Australia.


  4. # Blogger Loop

    From the pictures i have received from you cuz i think they almost the same  

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