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Developer Brain-storm

I always had problems co-operate with people located from Cyprus . This problem came up from the university. I remember my self work on projects regarding Uni with that kind of people and always i was stressed out.

This phenomenon continued even in my real development life . Well , when they told me here @ vodafone that you will have to co-operate with the Cyprus group , i had my thoughts on that .

The problem is that they actually have an attitude problem . They always think that they are gifted from the other and especially Greeks . Ok , when you think that you are gifted and blessed from the God of Developers , try to do so not just judge-ing and send emails Do that and do this . Anyway in order to feel my Frustration i am publishing a part of an email coming into my mailbox . This guy suppose to be the Dev who are working together as part of the team regarding the specific project .

MONDAY: WE SAID LAUNCH (not lunch)!!
CRITICAL ISSUES: 41,29,12 and

It is IMPERATIVE to solve (the first two at least)

So, SOLVE THEM.......

lamers :P

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