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Have a nice week

Its F Monday and on Wed we are going live . Hmmmmmm. Anyway this weekend was a rainy one. As you could c from the picture its was time to play around with my camera .

Ok i have lots of things to talk about this weekend. Lets start from last friday . We went wtih Kostis and Mitsos to the Festival that i discussed with you last friday . Anyway , i really did not like the sound of Mogwai . Actually i think it was 2 much 4 me. Ok i really enjoy guitars and instruments but after 5 tracks i was like ok thats it . These guys are cool scottish and nice permomers but you had to be prepared to listen thier sound . They actually had 3 tracks that i really enjoy listening . It was my first contact with their sound and i was not actually prepared for that kind of dark melodies coming to my ear .

Anyway, we have been to the other stage where " Χειμερινοί Κολυμβητές" was playing their own sounds. I actually have never been to any of their concerts. Well ok , these guys were nice. I know that you all have heard their tracks on the radio . They were cool . I really enjoyed them .

friday ended @ Pop drinking and sitting on the road street.

Gambits called me this weekend and told me that he will be @ athens but we did not meet because i had to go on a wedding this saturday,

Chris and Diamanto got married this weekend . It was a really nice wedding . We went even to their celebration party . There were lots of people there and it was a nice party. Well when things got hotter we moved aside from their party.

There was a party going on @ a storage house close to Praktiker (Peireos ) . It was ok . skaters where all over the place. we moved from there to Corto malteze where things was not like last year. But ok it was a nice experience,

Anyway sunday was a short day with coffee and friends included.

Well ok it was a full weekend but actually i feel like something is missing from it or even my life eventually. I will try to replace that missing feeling with my new dsl Line. I have not download any music track since last summer . !#$%^&%^%. Things will change with my new line coming into my house. i really dont care if i dont get out ogf the house . Whats the point anyway ? ok I met people and what ? i actually not in the mood to locate a new Gf . I thing my DSL line will replace the feeling of Incompleteness.

anyway , thats it

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