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Moving into weekend

This is friday . I have things to do this weekend so...plz engage...

Well we have the fest of Νεολαίας Συνασπισμού starting from today . Its only 5 euros and the line up includes Mogwai . I really remember this band at my early years studying @ Sheffield. A friend fo mine came into my house and told me "m8 u should hear their sound " .This scottish band and their post sounds are great . So , ( as i said to Fro-so Kill summer ,move into the dark side )

Well i hope to c you all there .

Yesterday Antonis ( a friend of mine ) came into athens and he will stay for a while @ my place. We have have been friends since our childhood . it is really enjoyable to talk about military brain crisis with Tony. I was happy to c him .

This saturday also i have to go a marriage . Christos is getting married with Diamanto. i will try to get my digital cam in order to publish some pictures of them . I will try to be formally dressed for the occasion ( my asics included :P ) .

Next week @ 5 of Oct we are going live @ cyprus .I hope everything is going to be ok . The last days was a nightmare for me as new bugs came up into my mailbox . I really dont like ppl that dont know how to use an interface trying to send emails just to say hey iam involved 2 @ the project . Lamers . Anyway ......

cya around

Ps say hello to my grandmum @ pic . She is my 78 years old diva ...

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