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Say Hi To The hand

This weekend was a relaxed weekend . Always friday nights are positive. I will try to keep the site update and this week . I think that my blog's content will be update very frequently after 5 october when this !#$%^&*^^%&^ project that i am involved here at Voda will be finally up and running.

I suppose that you all have seen on TV the basket game . well i know that you knwo that i am not the sport guy that will keep up to sports . But it was greece So.... i haD to keep a glance at the score .

My Pi-Ci is still under construction . I feel bored to search for new drivers and that kind of staff but i will finally have to do it ( sometime ) . I met yesteday Li-Li the super girl . She is really cool and study here at the Polytechnic school . She is an electrical engineer but i dont think that she will follow programming. I wish she moved to multimedia so we could share ideas on our free time .Well say hello to her a new person at my mailing list . Welcome Miss Li-Li .

i decided that @ 28 oct to go to kriti to c zoi and stayros and Rinio. well ok guys this is a fact i am coming back to kriti be prepared.

and finally Fro-so the wonder girl had her name day yesterday . My best wishes 4 her . Xronia polla Fro-So my best wishes .

I still dont have any news from Barcelona and dora . i hope she is ok ......

So cu soon . iam waiting your emails and pictures to be published . From now on u will be able to comment anything here at the blog . feel free to do so ..


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