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Wednesday evil

Its Wednesday the tiny saturday of the week is here . I have feedback from you for the blog site . Eirini sent me an email telling me that its quite cool. I really want to thank her for her good comments in my mailbox. She had an idea to comment out some music albums and give some feedback about them . I think its a good idea . The problem is that i dont have any good feedback regarding music at this time. Iam waiting yor comments and feedback about albums that you like and you enjoy listening. Eirini told me that she enjoys listening the band named as "ARCHIVE" . As i know they have been to Athens last year and their performance here at Gagarin was quite nice . i will try to give you some news regarding the band soon. I know that they have Unplugged their album "noise" and IT really rox . Try this album 2 Eirini .

Well, i think i am moving to another direction into music. You all know that i like to hear new sounds and i dont have problem to listen anything . Last weekend Kostis gave me a nice album of Greek singer -writer and performer "Θανάσης Παπακωνσταντίνου". The album was named as "Αγρύπνια" ( English-ed something like insomnia ) . This is cd is still playing at my cdplayer everyday . Its really nice album and i really enojy listening thath guy . Nice sounds coming to my ear in order that make me feel quite happy or sad . George told me that i should start listening to him and give him more attension. I will try .....

I have read that Stereo Mcs are coming back to athens this winter . I know from Uk that their lives ROX i will try to be there . I hope the place that the concert will take place to have free space in order to feel the vibes .

Pie has send me an email telling her news from Europe . I was astonished from her reply. I hope she is ok and i am waiting here @ athens .

Today is my first session at the small music Theatre regarding bass organ. i will give you some feedback tomorrow .

Ps I love this picture its my hairy feet laying at the beach of Lipsous . i missed my vacation days

cya soon

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