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OneDotZero@BIOS from 15-18 of Sept

Hello Blippers ! i have read at the newspapers yesterday that Bios is running a multimedia British Festival Named as ONEDOTZERO . So for today the listings are "wavelenght" @18:30 "Wow +flutter " @ 20:30 and "Prespectives... " @ 18:30 ,my fav "Future Anime " @ 20 :30 . When the screenings end there will be an optical- sound live from Ultre . I really dont know who these guys are . I will try to be there in order to see Future Anime ..... I think it will be a good eye presentation for all of you. Check it .

This pic was taken from me and is one of my favourites . i am waiting your pics in order to publish them here . i will be my pleasure to publish them here . And the final hit a big sorry for Kostis who i characterized him as my older friend . My older friend i think is my terminal . so respect Kostis :P

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