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We love to read New web sites ......

The web site of dimitris and Lefty is up and running . You could find a quite interesting things there . these ppl are nuts and i really love their web site .its not prof thats why it really rox . i dont have feedback for them just to say to keep up the nice work. Lefty its my clone ( or the opposite i am clone of lefty ) as dimitris says . ok here is the web site enjoy .

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  1. # Blogger Lucky Balaraman

    Arabs Take Byte at Regimes
    In the world of Syrian bloggers, one computer key is essential. Backspace. "You start writing something and then you think about it: Maybe I'll be misunderstood," said Ayman Haykal, a 25-year-old medical ...
    Nice content! We'll visit often...

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    Meanwhile, keep up the gerat blogging!  

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