Never trust modern technology. Trust it only when it is old technology.

Develop your own South Park character

Goodmorning!Check this site where you will be able to develop your own South Park Character. Please use this Flash interface in order to construct your own character and then just print screen it ( Push Printscreen and then use Capture photo program to get the image- photoshop will do the work ) .
I have developed the guy you are looking at your screen. Please send me an email attached the character developed from you with the flash inteface in order to publish it here. Thnks .

1.000.000 pixels =1.000.000 $

I think this guy had this brilliant idea. I have 1.000.000 pixels if i charge every pixel for 1$ i could get my million in a while . The co-developers at Vf were astonished from this idea. well this guy is only 21 years old and needed some cash in order to go to the university. so He thought this idea is cool and so he got 1 million dollars in less than a year. As he is saying at his site :

The idea is simple: to try and make $1m (US) by selling 1,000,000 pixels for $1 each. Hence, 'The Million Dollar Homepage". The main motivation for doing this is to pay for my degree studies, because I don't like the idea of graduatingwith a huge student debt. I know people who are paying off student loans 15-20
years after they graduated. Not a nice thought!
All the pixels have been sold by now ... please check his site.

One Step at a Time

Hello!I love sundays.Being idle on Sundays is always a positive idea.Yesterday i have been at House of Art to check the live of matisse.
I have talked to Aris @backstage.I have not seen him for a while so we chat for a while. Anyway i think their live performance was good. I have talked to Joahn 2 for the development of their web site . I actually did not have the time to get involved with this project but i will try to get some the next months.I really enjoy listening my fav track "cheap as art " live.
This track is also aris favourite and of course the music and the lyrics where composed from Aris.

Other bands were there i really enjoy the live of cyanna . These guys are good but after a while my ears where exchausted . I think i am getting old for these kind of experiences :) I left the spot in order to drink a beer at POP. A relaxed weekend ends...

Try to ....

Hello!! The weekend is here. So let me check what i should do this weekend. Firstly i will go to check Matisse at House of Art @ 21:30 . Aris is going to sing there with the band so i will try to check them .
Today saturday and sunday @ Gazarte there will be digital animations and videos from all over europe @ 18:00-23:00. I will try to be there in order to check some videos. I am actually interested more into graphics and more to moving graphics. I wish i could c some good projects there.
I will also try to check the Electrograph festival . Sounds and movement from different developers underground @ Polis underground car park (Patission&Alexandras avenue ) . i will also try to go for shopping tomorrow morning......cya

Upgrade your point of view.

I am excited ! This url came into my mailbox this morning. We are talking about Robert & Shara ParkeHarrison, two photographers who are really gifted. I was excited from their work . Please check their web site and change your point of view . I really dont know if they are using any "Photoshop" tool but in their bios i have read that their projects are photos with out any digital re-usability. Enjoy

Pixar New Movie ...

Hello!!I am sure that you all are familiar with the Word PIXAR. If not then go check their web site and i am sure that you will notice there some of your favourite movies.
I really love their 3D Development . This guys are the top (speaking of me) 3D developers ever bee(r)n . I really fancy their work...Actually to tell you the truth i have developed some 3d application in the past ( Uni times ) but not so smooth and elegance like those models that they construct.
well, Pixar is involved on a new project named as The Cars. We are talking about 3D cartoon oriented models that rox . well check their new project here .It will published to your local cinemas this summer .

Ps The picture is from the oscar awarded short film "birds".

Let it Snow :)

Goodmorning to all !!!
Its snowing outside even here @ the center of Athens. I did not make it to go to work today. its really cold and outside. Ok, so no work today i will try to burn some cds in order to listen into my micro super hi fi. I have also downloaded a game that i used to play when i was a student for my Msc at UK. Transport tycoon was one and remains one of my favourite games ever . I really love Tetris and Snowbros but i remember my self that i was really addicted with this game .
Anyway, now about the weather now . I have one thing to say . I stopped watching TV and I started to feel the heat. My mother from Rhodes have already called me 5 times telling me to stay at home and not to go out . When i asked her why do you say that? she replied ...Well Xatzinikolaou said on the news that its going to be the worst winter day ever.....

Virtual Summertime ....

Hello outside its snowing .I am at work......It was really difficult to get up from my bed this morning . When i got up from my bed i saw that even In Koukaki its F snowing. I put my favourite jacket on ... and Broooooooommmmmmmmm. I really fancy walking when it snows. Actually it was quite dangerous walking but ok ...My department is empty. Everyone here , are trying to work ... i actually feel bored to do so ...
Anyway try to keep calm and enjoy the snow. I will try to post a picture from my home @ koukaki . For now check my Virtual summer through the picture Published. Its a picture from LIPSUS this summer ..... summer summer time

Downloads of the weekend

I have downloaded some new good stuff for my sweet LG micro system so lets start

We Are Scientists: With Love And Squalor
a really nice album i was really happy to hear exactly the sound that i enjoy listening .download it for sure ...

Belle and Sebastian:The Life Pursuit
They are back and i am not afraid to say that they are still my favourite band ever. Their album will be published tomorrow at the local music stores . go for it or download it :)

This guys rox and their both two albums are really reallllllllyyyyyyyy make me jump and dance with my beloved C-fish . I have downladed some rare remixes and live versions of my favourites tracks . 450 mb of pure INTERPOL . go for it .....

The Kooks: Inside in, Inside out
The debut album tomorrow will be out for sale . nice tracks , my favourite is don't love me

Arctic Monkeys:Whatever people say I am that's what i'm not
Nice album. They say that its going to be hype of the 2006

i have downloaded more but as george told me on the phone "hey man when do you plan to listen all of them ? "

Ps: Stereo Mcs in the picture ......

Weeeeeeeeek-end feedback

Hello my beloved bloggers .
This weekend was really interesting... My brother came from Rhodes in order to visit me . I was really happy when i saw him las friday. Well ok i was a bit worried because he was asking question like "Re Taso , Marousi and Glifada are close ? " F@ck....

Ok , we had a great time here @ Athens . WE started from Ermou and Omonoia looking for A Fokas Store because he had a gift -cheque from the company he is working . I was really exchausted and it was only the start. i told him that firstly we should go to drink a cup of coffee and then move on . We went together at The Polis @ Penipistimiou . He was really excited with this place(I thank Kosti for that) . He told me "these are the places that i want you to take me for a coffee " . The last time he was here we went into POP bar and he was bored and tired being pushed from other labelled as alter ppl. I am going to talk you about my brother later on .
We finished our trip to the MediaMarkt @ Kifisias . I was really happy we went there (at the end ) because i buyed a new micro stereo system for my place here . I Have my pc but sometimes i am quite bored to open it to listen music thats why i buyed. It is not expensive , i got it for 60 euros and it plays mp3z 22. I am really happy that i made this buy. So we have a new member at the family again named as my new LG Mini sound system . Now we are 4 of us at the house ( my beloved C-fish, MY DSL line , MY micro LG and finally me ) .they are alive and kicking :P
Now let me talk you about my brother. He is really really really good looking guy and he prefers wearing suits and good looking clothes and i love him . So try to think me every time i go for a visit down at Rhodes . My mother always complain that i should dress more like a human "rhodian " being and always says to me "Look what your brother wears you should dress like him and not going out like a punk" . We always had a fight about this subject since i was at high school .. anyway ..mothers ..

I was Wondering .....

Hello!!! Have a nice day....
Yesterday my DSL line was finally connected. Actually it was sync from last sunday but to say the truth these guys @ HOL are really really stupid. I was lucky that i read in the manual some instructions regarding my router and my DSL Line. I am downloading everyday everytime and the pc at home is now on fire . I saw some web friends yesterday on MSN that i have not seen for a long time.
Now i was wondering yesterday .. Ok now i have my DSL at home that means that socializing in the real world maybe will be a boring situation. now that means that i prefer staying at home and develop things rather than going out. I think that this will also have an affect on my lovelife. I was labelled from all my x-gfs as a "weird" guy now i will also be labelled as the DSL Lover. Ok , but to tell you the truth i will try to go out and check my friends every weekend . So , say hi to my member of my family here at athens ..MY DSL line ...
may the force b with u

Say hello to my new DSL @ home

I AM CONNECTED ......................

Say goodbye to an "OLD" friend

Say Hello to kostis and Bye at the same time . Kostis is moving from Athens to Heraklio in order to live a normal life down there. I think he will be ok down there since all his friends ,family and of course Rinio is down there. I will try to go to Crete very frequently.
Today is his last day here in Athens and at night he is travelling with the local ship to Heraklio. I am happy that he is moving to the place he wants rather being here but i will miss his company .anyway
Once he had asked me when we went together at the port when Dikaia was leaving ; "well i have noticed that you do not cry when someone leaves you . My family and friends every time i left Crete they were crying like was the first time .... " I was really wondering about the specific subject and i think now after few months i am ready to answer.
Well people that i really fancy their company and i really enjoy being with them i really dont feel sad when they are leaving because i know that in the near future i will try for sure to look for them and find them in their spot. So a goodbye its not really a goodbye but rather a commitment to c each other in the near future . That;s it :)

Monday, Monday, Monday....

Hello ppl! This is Monday my favorite day of the week as you all know :P This was a very very very freezing weekend. The weather was not in a good mood so... i was not either....
We went to check Σταμάτη Κραουνάκη and Σπείρα Σπείρα last night at Αθηναις located at Βοτανικός. it was a really nice experience. I really did not believe that i could spent some time listening Kraounakis live. The whole team involved and the place where the excellent. If someone has not seen the team live i advice you that you should for your own pleasure even if you are not so close into Kraounakis Music. The negative about the whole project is the price of the ticket which was quite expensive 25 euros ........

Maraki left athens this sunday and now i suppose that she is back to London. We will check her news through hers blog .
Kostis will move into Heraklio this week and me still here waiting for my F DSL to be connected .

I really dont know know if you have noticed the new link into my links section. Well let me introduce to you "Το Πριτς". It is a digital version of this magazine which is published and send to subscribers through "snail mail". Only one issue has been send to me but plz check their blog here . I have meet the guys on a party at Kapaki and i really like their attitude. Anyway , i hope Katerina( the publisher ) is ok and i hope to c her again .
Thats it cya around

Ps i hate opening my mailbox @ Mondays .

Have a nice weekend -Check this out

Hurra Torpedo is a band .....but a rather usual band.THESE GUY ROX!!!!! Please read this article on dimitrisandlefty blog. And check the video here . Its a large file(4.8mb) so if you have a snail line try not to download it .
So guys this is it .Have a nice weekend and cya on Monday. I will try to help Kostis with his house because he is moving far from athens . Well he is going back to CRETE . So guys cya around and try to smile .

Zamanfou (taken from wikipedia )

Zamanfou, also known as Zaman-Fu, as well as "starhidismos" Greek "σταρχιδισμός" or "ohaderfismos" Greek "Ωχαδερφισμός" ("oh-my-brotherism") or eogonism, is counterculture phenomenon that has developed since the late 1980s.
It is the Greek equivalent of Timothy Leary's Turn on, tune in, drop out of the 1960s. It first began in Athens but its usage spread to the rest of Greece in the 1990s. The main supporters of this phenomenon were generally between the ages of 16-25, but by 2006, many representatives of this lifestyle are well beyond this age bracket.
The term is derived from the French phrase "je m'en fous" (foutre), which can be translated as "I don't care/I don't give a damn/I couldn't care less". The main idea behind this phenomenon is the perseverance and prioritization of the benefits for oneself.


The idea that brought Zamanfou about was Zen-like: if something bothers you and you cannot do anything about it, there is no point of stressing over it, so instead, you should just ignore it; Forget your stress and consciously disregard the shoddy state of the Greek society and try to have a good time, with what you have. Make lemonade with your lemons.
Subscribers to this ideology use a characteristic phrase: "Write everything on your testicles" as is the literal translation from Greek. Other interesting relevant Greek phrases are "στον πούτσο μου" or "στ'αρχίδια μου. In case you don't want to use curse words, you can convert the original phrase to "στα τέτοια μου", implying your testicles. In chatrooms, there are some characters that express the above, helping avoid using the actual curse words. For example the testicles are abbreviated as @@ ("στα @@ μου" instead of "στ' αρχίδια μου").
There is the "\/" string that describes a hand gesture (see below). In the Greek culture, writing someone at yourtesticles was and is supposed to be a gesture of utter contempt for the person you are referring to.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

At my Vacations @ Rhodes my brother has the luck to connect to the net through DSL @ the speed of 384 kbps. I have use the line in order to download some goodies for my ears.
I have been lucky the last few years since i dont have to search a lot Net rather than visit some specific sites where i know that i could find the elite of multimedia instances .
This album came at my hard disk at the first week of the year. I actually was astonished by their music. It was the first complete album in which I did not push the next button even once. The whole album rox and has everything from guitars to synth rythm that sometimes makes you wanna jump over your body and sometimes makes you think that music could really relax your body and brain 2.
If you have a fast line just download it; if not wait until 23 of jan when finally will be published at your local music store. Their name is unique Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and their debut album is labelled with the same name .

Black Monday ...

Hello !!!!!! I am back .... at the office for once again.

The Xmas-New years eve Hang over still is here at my brain-body ; still reminding me my Vacations at Rhodes. I have so many things to write but forgive me i dont have the mood to do so.
I really dont like mondays ... anyway i hope everyone is keep moving and trying to smile this year ...i have some photos from Rhodes which i will try to post from my DSL at home when its finally connected.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had great time At Xmas. I am still at Rhodes .I will fly to athens this saturday morning. I actually feel a bit bored here but it is nice eating all that kind of stuff that mums do .

Now the feedback regarding my vacations here at Rhodes. well it was really nice . all of my friends were here except Stk who is at Crete. I have some pictures from Rhodes which i will try to publish them the next days.

Sotia my "alter ego" here at rhodes was together with me dancing , hugging meeting new friends . We have been to several places drinking and singing but every f night we were dancing at the "Θέατρο" bar. I was really sad when she left .....anyway i will try to visit her at Belgium and then maybe take a visit to Florian 2. I was really astonished by her work.

It is really nice to be at rhodes when all your friends and family are close .But ok i will have to be at VF on Monday .......I really missed Athens 2. I missed my place and my beloved C-fish.And from now on a new member of family will be installed at my house . My 512 kbps DSL Line. hehehehehe

The party on 23 of Dec from Lefty , Mit-sos, and Mary was great and untill the morning they were dancing singing and drinking. i will try to visit them on weekend to c how life is going.

My best wishes to everyone ... cya around ....