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One Step at a Time

Hello!I love sundays.Being idle on Sundays is always a positive idea.Yesterday i have been at House of Art to check the live of matisse.
I have talked to Aris @backstage.I have not seen him for a while so we chat for a while. Anyway i think their live performance was good. I have talked to Joahn 2 for the development of their web site . I actually did not have the time to get involved with this project but i will try to get some the next months.I really enjoy listening my fav track "cheap as art " live.
This track is also aris favourite and of course the music and the lyrics where composed from Aris.

Other bands were there i really enjoy the live of cyanna . These guys are good but after a while my ears where exchausted . I think i am getting old for these kind of experiences :) I left the spot in order to drink a beer at POP. A relaxed weekend ends...

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