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Let it Snow :)

Goodmorning to all !!!
Its snowing outside even here @ the center of Athens. I did not make it to go to work today. its really cold and outside. Ok, so no work today i will try to burn some cds in order to listen into my micro super hi fi. I have also downloaded a game that i used to play when i was a student for my Msc at UK. Transport tycoon was one and remains one of my favourite games ever . I really love Tetris and Snowbros but i remember my self that i was really addicted with this game .
Anyway, now about the weather now . I have one thing to say . I stopped watching TV and I started to feel the heat. My mother from Rhodes have already called me 5 times telling me to stay at home and not to go out . When i asked her why do you say that? she replied ...Well Xatzinikolaou said on the news that its going to be the worst winter day ever.....

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