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Virtual Summertime ....

Hello outside its snowing .I am at work......It was really difficult to get up from my bed this morning . When i got up from my bed i saw that even In Koukaki its F snowing. I put my favourite jacket on ... and Broooooooommmmmmmmm. I really fancy walking when it snows. Actually it was quite dangerous walking but ok ...My department is empty. Everyone here , are trying to work ... i actually feel bored to do so ...
Anyway try to keep calm and enjoy the snow. I will try to post a picture from my home @ koukaki . For now check my Virtual summer through the picture Published. Its a picture from LIPSUS this summer ..... summer summer time

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  1. # Blogger Mirelen

    well, nice idea, it's nice to have a summer always in your heart.
    poetic, ha!  

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