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Weeeeeeeeek-end feedback

Hello my beloved bloggers .
This weekend was really interesting... My brother came from Rhodes in order to visit me . I was really happy when i saw him las friday. Well ok i was a bit worried because he was asking question like "Re Taso , Marousi and Glifada are close ? " F@ck....

Ok , we had a great time here @ Athens . WE started from Ermou and Omonoia looking for A Fokas Store because he had a gift -cheque from the company he is working . I was really exchausted and it was only the start. i told him that firstly we should go to drink a cup of coffee and then move on . We went together at The Polis @ Penipistimiou . He was really excited with this place(I thank Kosti for that) . He told me "these are the places that i want you to take me for a coffee " . The last time he was here we went into POP bar and he was bored and tired being pushed from other labelled as alter ppl. I am going to talk you about my brother later on .
We finished our trip to the MediaMarkt @ Kifisias . I was really happy we went there (at the end ) because i buyed a new micro stereo system for my place here . I Have my pc but sometimes i am quite bored to open it to listen music thats why i buyed. It is not expensive , i got it for 60 euros and it plays mp3z 22. I am really happy that i made this buy. So we have a new member at the family again named as my new LG Mini sound system . Now we are 4 of us at the house ( my beloved C-fish, MY DSL line , MY micro LG and finally me ) .they are alive and kicking :P
Now let me talk you about my brother. He is really really really good looking guy and he prefers wearing suits and good looking clothes and i love him . So try to think me every time i go for a visit down at Rhodes . My mother always complain that i should dress more like a human "rhodian " being and always says to me "Look what your brother wears you should dress like him and not going out like a punk" . We always had a fight about this subject since i was at high school .. anyway ..mothers ..

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