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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had great time At Xmas. I am still at Rhodes .I will fly to athens this saturday morning. I actually feel a bit bored here but it is nice eating all that kind of stuff that mums do .

Now the feedback regarding my vacations here at Rhodes. well it was really nice . all of my friends were here except Stk who is at Crete. I have some pictures from Rhodes which i will try to publish them the next days.

Sotia my "alter ego" here at rhodes was together with me dancing , hugging meeting new friends . We have been to several places drinking and singing but every f night we were dancing at the "Θέατρο" bar. I was really sad when she left .....anyway i will try to visit her at Belgium and then maybe take a visit to Florian 2. I was really astonished by her work.

It is really nice to be at rhodes when all your friends and family are close .But ok i will have to be at VF on Monday .......I really missed Athens 2. I missed my place and my beloved C-fish.And from now on a new member of family will be installed at my house . My 512 kbps DSL Line. hehehehehe

The party on 23 of Dec from Lefty , Mit-sos, and Mary was great and untill the morning they were dancing singing and drinking. i will try to visit them on weekend to c how life is going.

My best wishes to everyone ... cya around ....

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