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I was Wondering .....

Hello!!! Have a nice day....
Yesterday my DSL line was finally connected. Actually it was sync from last sunday but to say the truth these guys @ HOL are really really stupid. I was lucky that i read in the manual some instructions regarding my router and my DSL Line. I am downloading everyday everytime and the pc at home is now on fire . I saw some web friends yesterday on MSN that i have not seen for a long time.
Now i was wondering yesterday .. Ok now i have my DSL at home that means that socializing in the real world maybe will be a boring situation. now that means that i prefer staying at home and develop things rather than going out. I think that this will also have an affect on my lovelife. I was labelled from all my x-gfs as a "weird" guy now i will also be labelled as the DSL Lover. Ok , but to tell you the truth i will try to go out and check my friends every weekend . So , say hi to my member of my family here at athens ..MY DSL line ...
may the force b with u

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