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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

At my Vacations @ Rhodes my brother has the luck to connect to the net through DSL @ the speed of 384 kbps. I have use the line in order to download some goodies for my ears.
I have been lucky the last few years since i dont have to search a lot Net rather than visit some specific sites where i know that i could find the elite of multimedia instances .
This album came at my hard disk at the first week of the year. I actually was astonished by their music. It was the first complete album in which I did not push the next button even once. The whole album rox and has everything from guitars to synth rythm that sometimes makes you wanna jump over your body and sometimes makes you think that music could really relax your body and brain 2.
If you have a fast line just download it; if not wait until 23 of jan when finally will be published at your local music store. Their name is unique Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and their debut album is labelled with the same name .

3 Responses to “Clap Your Hands Say Yeah”

  1. # Blogger Sadie

    I can't stop listening to them! I'm glad you like them. ;)  

  2. # Blogger Loop

    Yes I love them and i actually saw their name for first time at your blog .....  

  3. # Blogger Sadie

    Haha! Cool... ;)  

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