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Zamanfou (taken from wikipedia )

Zamanfou, also known as Zaman-Fu, as well as "starhidismos" Greek "σταρχιδισμός" or "ohaderfismos" Greek "Ωχαδερφισμός" ("oh-my-brotherism") or eogonism, is counterculture phenomenon that has developed since the late 1980s.
It is the Greek equivalent of Timothy Leary's Turn on, tune in, drop out of the 1960s. It first began in Athens but its usage spread to the rest of Greece in the 1990s. The main supporters of this phenomenon were generally between the ages of 16-25, but by 2006, many representatives of this lifestyle are well beyond this age bracket.
The term is derived from the French phrase "je m'en fous" (foutre), which can be translated as "I don't care/I don't give a damn/I couldn't care less". The main idea behind this phenomenon is the perseverance and prioritization of the benefits for oneself.


The idea that brought Zamanfou about was Zen-like: if something bothers you and you cannot do anything about it, there is no point of stressing over it, so instead, you should just ignore it; Forget your stress and consciously disregard the shoddy state of the Greek society and try to have a good time, with what you have. Make lemonade with your lemons.
Subscribers to this ideology use a characteristic phrase: "Write everything on your testicles" as is the literal translation from Greek. Other interesting relevant Greek phrases are "στον πούτσο μου" or "στ'αρχίδια μου. In case you don't want to use curse words, you can convert the original phrase to "στα τέτοια μου", implying your testicles. In chatrooms, there are some characters that express the above, helping avoid using the actual curse words. For example the testicles are abbreviated as @@ ("στα @@ μου" instead of "στ' αρχίδια μου").
There is the "\/" string that describes a hand gesture (see below). In the Greek culture, writing someone at yourtesticles was and is supposed to be a gesture of utter contempt for the person you are referring to.

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