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Monday, Monday, Monday....

Hello ppl! This is Monday my favorite day of the week as you all know :P This was a very very very freezing weekend. The weather was not in a good mood so... i was not either....
We went to check Σταμάτη Κραουνάκη and Σπείρα Σπείρα last night at Αθηναις located at Βοτανικός. it was a really nice experience. I really did not believe that i could spent some time listening Kraounakis live. The whole team involved and the place where the excellent. If someone has not seen the team live i advice you that you should for your own pleasure even if you are not so close into Kraounakis Music. The negative about the whole project is the price of the ticket which was quite expensive 25 euros ........

Maraki left athens this sunday and now i suppose that she is back to London. We will check her news through hers blog .
Kostis will move into Heraklio this week and me still here waiting for my F DSL to be connected .

I really dont know know if you have noticed the new link into my links section. Well let me introduce to you "Το Πριτς". It is a digital version of this magazine which is published and send to subscribers through "snail mail". Only one issue has been send to me but plz check their blog here . I have meet the guys on a party at Kapaki and i really like their attitude. Anyway , i hope Katerina( the publisher ) is ok and i hope to c her again .
Thats it cya around

Ps i hate opening my mailbox @ Mondays .

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