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Killing Time

I just finished a microsite related my project involved here at Vf so i have the ability to Murder my time . So next week will be quite a Biggggggggg one for me. The testing related my project will be ended and we move into the final line where its going to a-live. So I am actually quite stressed out but i think it will be ok .

Today also the teacher from the small music Theatre called me to let me know that next Wed i will be introduced to the other students related that specific organ. I am really really anxious to do so. But i think it will actually be fun. I have just put a reminder at my mob in order not to forget it . Well today i am going @ Bios . I hope to c some of you there live.

Dont forget that this saturday also some multimedia new screenshot will be produced to your eyes @ Bios with one of the Best Web Designers in England involved. The only Negative regarding the specific session is the 10 Eyros entrance point.


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