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Friends included

This is a picture i would like to share with you. These are my friends and finally we met all together this summer @ rhodes . From left Antonis the mytman , Panos the mathimatician , ME ( just think a Geek ) , Michael the pornostar and George the owner .

We were pictured outside Astra bouzoukia pista club . There are other included at that company as Damian the PAOK fun , George the lawyer , Maragos the peacemaker , Pappas the fortuneteller , Rafaelo the italian , Stk the engaged . I dont think that i forgot anyone . i really missed rhodes but ....only summers .
i will try to publish some pictures from my years back to england . but i would have to scan some pictures . Christos , Gambits , KEX and tolis will feel happy when i do that .

blip blip blip !

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