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This is Friday

Hello my beloved blippers. Well this is Friday long time since last monday . I have so much things todo this weekend . I actually do not know if i could do all of them in one single weekend . The problem is that ishould find people to follow me ( Kostis be prepared+George ) .

Dikaia is leaving this tuesday so we have to engage this weekend. Yesterday it was a night after two months in which i was completely alone at my house . Well it was a weird feelling . I tried to format my Pi-Ci but actually it was a boring method so i preferred to watch a movie on TV and play with my Digital cam .

The winter is almost here. Yesterday i have been to elaia cafe ( a place next to my house ) . a small spot where George kakkoulidis was there. I tried to talk with him . This guy is a writer and is writing to several newspapers and has publish several poems . I actuallly think that he is nuts but ok i still have not read what he has read. Dikaia told me that he has write some poems that are good but some of them .... we'll c

this friday there is party going on . Actually there are two the first one is a friend of mine here @ VF and the second i have not got the details yet. I would also like to go to Corto maltese this friday . I will try to contact George so we could go there and check the place .

i am thinking of moving the url next week . i will try to inform u with email . my mailing list is up again and i could send to you the new url .



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