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Ulysse 31 !!!!!!!!!!

OK guys today i am excited . Do you remember this animated science fiction Cartoon series ? I finally found the name of the series yesterday . I remember my self @ my early years watching this tv programme on TV. I think that this project "pushed" me more into technology and to Game boy -Amiga -Super Nintendo environment . Me and my brother watched it everyday and i still being astonished remembered the last TV Session .

The name of the series is Ulysses 31. The directors-animaters were Bernard Deyriès Kyosuke Mikuriya.

Jean Chalopin wrote and produced the series, and came up with the original idea together with Nina Wolmark. The music was composed and arranged by Denny Crokett and Ike Egan at Osmond Studio. Most of the animation work was done by Japanese animaters, but not in the traditional Japanese manga style. 'Ulysses 31' had a unique look that in my view has never been outdone or equaled by any later animated sci-fi show.

The story starts when
Ulysses is about to leave a spacestation orbiting the planet Troy. He has to return to earth before the next comet passes. If he is not back by then, his wife Penelope will have to remarry. The trip home turns out to be far from routine though. Early on his son Telemachus is kidnapped by worshippers of the mighty Cyclops, a creature made by the ancient god of Poseidon.

Ulysses and Telemachus' pet robot Nono frees him and two other prisoners called Yumi and Numinor. In the process they kill the Cyclops and angers the gods. Poseidon calls upon Zeus to punish them. He transfers them to the far reaches of space, deletes their databanks and tells them that their only hope of ever seeing earth again is to find the kingdom of Hades. And here their quest begins.

Themis the Girl-y at the quest was "labeled" from my brain as my favourite icon at my childhood. I will try to download the series from the web next week .

Here are some links in order to make you "feel the geek" :

The Ulysses 31 Internet Resource Center
This is a site with a amazing section called 'The Featured Episode'. Here each episode of the series is presented one by one with pictures from every scene. Incredible!

Justin's Ulysses 31 Page
This site is unique in offering 'Ulysses 31' skins for Sims.

DIC Entertainment
The company that made 'Ulysses 31' and many other great animated shows have finally bought themselves back from Disney and are soon up and running.

The Ulysses 31 Mailinglist
This mailinglist goes back and forth between virtual silence and insane activity. If you are a fan of the series you just have to subscribe.

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