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Tuesday before the Launch

Hello hello . I hope everyone is cool and under movement . OK this is the tuesday before the launch of the product @ Cyprus . I am anxious as other members of the team here. Anyway , I think it will be ok .

Yesterday i have been out for a drink with Kostis . I also called George @ Italy. He was mad when i told him about the bass and the money they want in order to start the lessons regarding . He told me that i should do it in order to make a band . I really dont know because my status regarding money is @ minimal level. I would like to start develop music and also would like to have graphical representation of it in a multimedia environment .

Kostis had some ideas of developing some things regarding videos and scripting. i really dont know if you are able to do such things but , it is always nice to listen ideas coming .I really would like to construct a community where all we could built such things. Maybe Dimi and George will be positive to do so.

Next sunday Matisse are playing live @ club 22. I will be there in order to c Aristomenis . I have not see him for long time now and i know he is quite busy with the band and interviews . i know that he will be anxious about the result . Anyway if you are located here @ athens and you dont have anything to do , i think you should try to be there .

The pic is taken from lipsous this summer . Keep in motion .

Anyway , wish me good luck 4 the launch tomorrow .


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