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Afrirambo Live @ Bios : From Osaka 2 Athens

Yesterday there was a music experience live @Bios . 2 Chicks labeled as Afrirambo with drums and Guitar as their main sound constructors were playing live @ Bios . I was there with Kostis .

2 tell u the truth i was quite bit negative to go and c them live, but at the end i was wrong. Before the 2 chicks came up to spot there was a support with two guys who they were shouting and playing with their consoles live. Their sound was the worst ever heard from my ears .

We moved into the bar in order to avoid their sound nightmare. Anyway , we feel the 2 girls coming at the stage hopefully @ 12 ( we were shouting Come on we have to go to work tomorrow) .

The afrirambo project started with the two girls came up to the spot with red dresses ,with out shoes and shouting something in Japanese. Well their sound WAS extremely hot. I was amazed to c a chick shoe-less playing with guitar. You know my addiction into Japanese Culture. MY multimedia debugger was there and you will be able to c pictures from the concert sometime next week .


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