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Kate- Cocaina -Moss

I really like Kate moss . She has the best ever human girly face .She is Hot and She is on drugs 2 . I watched the video where she snorts cocaine . You will be able to c the video here.I have also download the video so if you have 7mb of free space at your mailbox say so, to send you the feedback .
I have been close to that woman after the videoclip that has made for the White stripes . We have been chatting with other guys on net and very few of them say that this girl is not hot. Anyway shit happens . Enjoy the videos

2 Responses to “Kate- Cocaina -Moss”

  1. # Anonymous Manoli

    I would sniff here @#$$$$ anytime.

    Regards Manoli Poli.  

  2. # Blogger Loop

    lol nice point of view :) :)  

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