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Download Fonts 4 Fr33 !

This site came into my mailbox this morning . You will be able to download and use millions of free fonts. Those who are interested in Graphical design and this kind of stuff this site will be quite helpful to them. The good point regarding that site(despite the free use of fonts ) is that you are able to write whatever you want and test it on the fly to c if the fonts are appropriate for your project. So Push the button here .

3 Responses to “Download Fonts 4 Fr33 !”

  1. # Anonymous Emmanuel Polichronis

    Thats a mighty cool link Taso. Thanks cuz. Like your site... its stimulating

    Cheers. Manoli Poli  

  2. # Anonymous lefty

    taso, wraio site to ekana bookmark.
    egw evriska apo to (to opoio htan diavohto gia kaka fonts- alla twra to eida ananewmeno). helvetica pou 8a vrw, arage, tzampa...  

  3. # Blogger Loop

    thnks cuz :) :) :)

    re lefty hmm vasika exw kati filous deisgker isws na tous rotisw ..  

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