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Fashion Week @ Zappeio!

Hello!!! Have a nice Week!!!

This weekend was really enjoyable. I have never been to a fashion show before in my entire life . So , i decided that the time has come. Welll, nice chicks ,free drinks ..... so wy not. I have been to zappeio for the Fashion Week here @ Athens . Well , i have seen a lot of celebrities and the clue of the night was Viki Kagia the famous (brainless) model.
The story is like that. I was sitting outside the stage where the fashion show took place trying to smoke anything i had in my bag . Then i saw her (Vicky Kagia ) and as any male around her i was F watching her. The funny thing about the whole story is that she came close to me saying really loud "LEONIDA ? how are you ? " . Ehm i said to her " Sorry , iam not Leonidas " But iwas thinking i could pretent Leonidas for one night . She said "Oh iam sorry you look so close to him " . Anyway , Actually to tell you the truth she is really beautiful but the her brain cells are less than my beloved C-fish.

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