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Bugz are Bugging me :)

Well ok we had a lot of bugz related VF so i had so much work to do. Anyway i hope everyone is ok . I will try to publish some new pictures for weekend feedback this Monday.
Monday i will have to be here at VF because we have to do some integration of some new servers. We have to do this at night where the badwidth of the systems is in low level. We have to be here @ 00:00 midnight hour in order to start it .
they had some problems regarding sms;s that went to users ( about 3000 ) with content timestamped two years ago. ehm the latest sms was send from the system related to KIRASTAS -the coach- death before two years sent as fresh content with sms to 3000 users :). hihihihi sh*t happens :)
so i hope everyone have a nice weekend ( i will try to do so ) .


PS : Use Shout 2 A Geek to express your self .

2 Responses to “Bugz are Bugging me :)”

  1. # Anonymous Emmanuel Polichronis

    yeah I hate bugz too, I need to get the pest control man to service our house.  

  2. # Blogger Loop

    lol. the summer is coming close to you cuz .....  

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