Never trust modern technology. Trust it only when it is old technology.

Change Attitude...

I was wondering yesterday about Greek Attitude.I was talking with a Friend's friend and he was talking about PC's and how super Technology related HE was.He was talking all the time about technology and how good HE was to use Computers that a HE was able to do anything with them and all that shit that an usual lamer says.He thought because HE knew how to rip a DVD into his F PC he was the grandmaster of anything.He stopped of course when i said to him that i was working 4 VF.He was suprised when i told him that i work there .You must be kidding he said . NO iam not (U F l8ser). His small mind could not understand that a small Geeky guy like me maybe knows few things more from him and work for a big mobile company.This attitude is spotted to more people i get in touch.Come on guys change attitude or maybe clothes :P

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